All Christians Should be L G B T and Q I !

lgbt qi




Thyself and



All Things.

And in relation to the last part…

In my country of Australia there has been a very loooooooong drawn out debate over the issue of same sex marriage  (the issue of same sex families, where any two people can have kids regardless of parental genders, was let pass into the ‘norm’ of our society long ago without any fuss – go figure! Come to think of it you don’t even need a spouse or to have sex to have a family these days – just a sperm donor and a sympathetic doctor – ah well).

Could someone – anyone? – please explain to me what exactly it is we are saying when we say that two people (why is it limited to two people who love each other anyway?) of  any combination of sexes are not allowed by law to marry one another?

I’m not in any way saying that a church/ house of worship/religion is not entitled to uphold it’s basic religious beliefs regarding the rites of marriage according to their religions in their own churches. But mine is a secular country that pays the merest lip service to religious authority in it’s citizen’s lives and has secular laws regarding marriage such that even atheists are permitted to engage in the state-sponsored institution of matrimony  (marriage) and they do not have to abide by any religious sanctity for the right to be married.

So what exactly are we as a state saying when we say two men or two women who love one another may not marry?

We are clearly and simply saying that such a couple are less worthy of being considered as equals in our society to any two members of opposite sexes. that their rights as citizens of our nation are not equal to all others.

Just to be quite specific here, this is NOT in any way to protect children of such a relationship as ANY two people can and do have kids of ‘their own’ in this country quite legally.  We just prevent the two same sex parents from being married to one another?

Can anyone provide a reasonable suggestion as to why this is allowed in a country who claims to be eliminating discrimination of all forms?



  1. I will be voting in favour of SSM, no question in my mind, never was. What’s more Tony Abbott, Bronwyn Bishop and similar scare-mongering bigots should be seriously assessed for mental incapacity. But I’m old enough to remember that in my generation, gay was illegal, gender orientation was a choice, and gay men (gay women didn’t exist) were automatically paedophiles, so it’s not surprising that that there is still a section of society that finds the whole idea frightening and ‘unnatural’. SSM has to happen and spending this ridiculous amount of money on an opinion poll sticks right in my craw, but don’t be too hard on those who can’t get their heads around the whole SSM concept. Which doesn’t mean there’s any excuse for TA or BB who have both had enough academic and social education to know a damn sight better and refuse to open their tiny minds.

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  2. I just snuck into your generation and remember far different times (opinion-wise) to those more prevalent today.

    I am somewhat torn on the issue, having to weigh my initial prejudice from my generation along with a more recently found awareness of the values Christ embodied (which are decidedly not those of the hypocrites of the likes of TA and BB and others on both sides of politics. Love thy fellow man – as long as you don’t marry him? Hmmm…)

    And then considering that homosexual acts are, by nature, un-natural – two men or two women cannot reproduce naturally and so would quickly die off were nature to take it’s uninterrupted course.

    But now i am considering the possible effects of 2 or 3 generations of a society that has intentionally interfered with the human sex hormonal balance in vast numbers of pregnant women via the oestrogen pill and what repercussions this could have had on both men and women in terms of their ‘sexuality’ tendencies. I recently saw an article on (serious) research linking autism with increased levels of testosterone, which may partially explain why men are 7 times more likely to be affected on the Autism spectrum than are women. What the long term implications are of use of the pill to restrict natural birth will probably only be known long after it is too late to prevent any possible harm or imbalance to our society.

    I think since it will not directly affect me either way, i will choose to abstain from the ludicrous and ridiculously expensive waste of money that is the non-binding opinion poll and let those with a serious stake in the issue decide what is best for them.

    I know gay women were for a long time out of sight out of mind for our leaders and media but the term lesbians did come from the Greek isle of Lesbos where the women were famous over 2500 years ago. Seems some of ‘us’ had selective amnesia and many still might? 😉



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