Are We Doing Our Politics and Our Government Wrong?


I wrote a post last week in which i bemoaned the current state of our politicians that we have chosen through a free and fair vote – I’m sure many could relate to it.

But i’ve had cause to think a little deeper into the matter (always a good idea before shooting your mouth off, but one i frequently neglect to adopt myself!) 😉

I do not completely turn my opinion around that the current state of politics and politicians behaviour is deplorable, or that we, as the ones who elected them into power through our vote (or decision not to vote/donkey vote) are at least partly to blame for this – we know what they are like and how they are becoming and yet we still naively believe ‘this time’ it will be somehow better.

But i can now see that we have largely set our politicians up to fail us!

Think about it for a little – what is it we want from all our politicians, our President or Prime Minister?

which way

Do we want them to lead us, to decide for us what the country as a whole should be doing, or doing most of or the best in? Do we want them to be ‘governors’ who control the direction business and our society in general takes in the future, be it socialist or capitalist or somewhere in between?; liberal left or conservative right or a balance of the two? Taxing us to provide essential services to all like law and order, health care and education? Or deregulating society so the free market is the major decider on who does what and how much we get back?

Or do we, as i believed once, in a Democracy, elect people to government who are supposed to represent what the majority want for our local community and for our nation as a whole?

Because if it really is the latter, then we have a big problem, because i do not know of anyone who thinks their elected political official is actually listening to what they want on any given topic and is standing up to say so in our government. Some people might think so on a single topic, or perhaps a couple, but not on everything they want to happen.

In my country, we have access to our politicians and they will sit with us and ‘listen’ if we make an appointment or if we write them a letter they will write back in ‘reply’. But unless what we ask for is what their PARTY also wants we go largely disappointed as regards having our wishes fulfilled or our voices heard and responded to in agreement by our government.

So to put it simply: Do we want our Government and politicians to govern us, or govern FOR us. Do we want to them to follow our wishes or do what they think is best for them – errr, i mean our country?

Can we ever trust anyone we put in power to not abuse that power for their own benefit?


And finally, can we accept living in a society when it is being run by the people the other half of the population that does not want what we want for our selves voted into power?





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