Who Remembers The Sixties??

I think they looked a lot like this…





  1. It’s a Hungarian dog thing, those knotted cords. All their dogs have them, from the little puli (about 12″ at the shoulder) to the giant Komondor who stand maybe 32″ high. There are other central European dogs who are corded, but I’m convinced it all started in Hungary. But why?


    • Great question Marilyn! 🙂

      There are lots of other dogs bred with long hair (my favourite is the Old English (Dulux) Sheepdog but you don’t see many of them with platts or dreadlocks do you?)

      One reason for them given is that they help protect the dog from the bites of predators who attack the sheep they were meant to guard.

      I reckon the real reason is because it just looks do damn cute when they jump! 😉



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