Stupid is as Stupid Does

StupidThe saying of Forrest Gump’s mother has been referred to a lot and particularly since November 7, 2016 but i always found it hard to pin down what it actually meant.

I think i have the idea behind the general gist.

The stupidity of a person or thing is able to be best seen in what it does. (and only while it is doing it).

If we see a person or a thing doing something which seems to us to be stupid we feel entitled to label the thing as stupid.

It could in fact be that the person or thing is doing something useful or with a definite purpose but we simply don’t understand what that purpose could be. By calling such a thing/situation/person stupid is simply showing our ignorance more than any actual stupidity observed, real or otherwise. The shoe could then be seen as being on the other foot.

Of course there are people and things that do things with no practicable purpose that may rightly be labelled stupid at some point in time.

The other thing is that once a person has done one or more stupid things it would only be right to label them as stupid if the person kept on doing the same thing in the same situation. People can sometimes learn from ‘stupid’ acts so as to no longer be quite as stupid. 🙂

Stupidity is often in the eye of the beholder – what we see often differs from what the thing/person we label as stupid is doing/sees. Being in a majority does not make you right – although it does improve the odds, generally. 🙂

On the whole I think labelling (in itself a bad idea) something/one as stupid is probably not a good thing for us to do.



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