Point to Ponder #6 – Loyalty

meaning of loyalty

The current President of the US says he is big on Loyalty (providing it is given TO him, not so much from him!) He expects it, demands it even, from those in his pay (fair enough if he’s the one paying for it!) as well as from those who are, theoretically ‘on his side’ and, it seems, he wants loyalty from all Americans.

Irony anyone?

So, is Trump automatically entitled to loyalty as President – a duly elected and democratically elected leader of the Free World? Or is it the Office of President where American loyalty lies?

What happens when the person holding the office is clearly acting in a manner unfitting that of such an esteemed office, who has never even held a position in government of a municipal council before, much less that of the world’s biggest economic nation?

Should loyalty be given as a right? Or earned by deed?

Is the office of the USA’s President entitled to total loyalty no matter what in every respect – or is loyalty restricted to just that due to any politician/parliamentarian/office?


Where should our greatest loyalty lie?

To what is right?

To what is best for the country? (just who gets to decide that?)

To our conscience?

To the Office of President/Prime Minister?

Or to the Trumps of this world?


Sub – ponder:  Can our Loyalty always co-exist with our personal Integrity?

What happens in the case of a conflict between the two?



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