Just Like You.

just like youYour husband/wife/lover/partner is just like you.

Your father/mother is just like you.

Your son/daughter is just like you.

Your family members are just like you.

The people in your neighbourhood, whether you see them or know them, are just like you.

All the people in the country are just like you.

Everyone in this world is just like you.

Creationists and Evolutionists are just like you.

Scientists and deniers of science are just like you.

Pastors, rabbi’s, monsignors and monks are just like you.

Capitalists and communists are just like you.

Terrorists and freedom fighters, insurgents and the regimists are just like you.

The brave and the afraid are just like you.

The wise and the dumb are just like you.

The rich and the poor are just like you.


am just like you.

Just like you I am a complex living organism.

Just like you i have to learn how to exist on this one planet.

Just like you i, at one time, had a father and a mother,

(That is not to say all have known their true father and or mother, or that who they think of as father and mother actually are!)

Just like you i must struggle to survive and make progress in this one world we live in.

Just like you i have to choose how to best (in my opinion) do that.

Just like you i frequently fail to make the best choice, the first time (or even the 2nd or  the 3rd).

Just like you i was once a child with no experiences of life.

Just like you i learned from life, some good things, some not-so-good.

Just like you I am the result of my past circumstances.

Just like you i have a mind, an ego, passions, loves and hates.

Just like you i make decisions that affect myself as well as others which are not always good for all concerned.

Just like you i can be hurt by the actions of others (as well as my own).

Just like you I have my rights, but they come with obligations also.

Just like you my rights and obligations should not override or exceed yours.

Just like you I have the right to equality.

Just like you I have to largely conform to the rules of the society I choose to live in – or leave it to conform to anothers.

Just like you i am but a single one of 7 000 000 000 complex, confusing, sometimes annoying, unique individuals who share much in common with all others just like me.

In short,


Just like you.

In the things that matter MOST!







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