Passionate About Indigo

I was thinking the other day… you don’t often hear the word indigo any more?indigo-blue-217909_960_720

Indigo used to be one of the SEVEN colours of a rainbow, along with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple/violet. I was taught the mnemonic Roy G.Biv so as to remember the names and sequence, some might have put words with those initials into a sentence for the same reason, but indigo was then the 6th colour from red. Indigo has fallen out of favour for some reason? (probably because it can be quite hard to tell where blue and violet stop and indigo intercedes).

Whenever i think of Indigo i instantly remember one of my favourite songs from the 70’s. Despite it being the Disco era, which does have some fond memories for me as a teenager, the song was definitely NOT ‘Disco’.

It was Indigo Passion by a very under-rated band known as the Atlanta Rhythm Section or simply A.R.S. A.R.S. had a number of albums and singles but somehow never quite made it ‘Big’ – a pity since i thought they wrote some of the best music of the decade. But what would i know? 😉

Anyway you might like to listen to Indigo Passion by ARS: (The lyrics are worth a read too!)

Indigo Passion
by Atlanta Rhythm Section

Life is a colorful thing
Life is a colorful thing…
From rainbows to rain,
And all of the hues in between.

Indigo passion and chartreuse motels.
Blue mornin’s after, feelin’ like hell.
Big yellow taxi – rusty and gray,
Coming to take me away.

Blue celebrations with borderline friends.
We go through the motions again and again.
Sometimes it’s just not the way that you dream
But life is a colorful thing.

Life is a colorful thing, Life is a colorful thing,
From nightmares to dreams,
From one to the other extreme.

I wrote you a letter that I never sent
On pale stationary, and here’s how it went:
Hello my darling, how have you been,
Why don’t we try it again?

Indigo passion and chartreuse motels.
Blue mornin’s after – feelin’ like hell.
It’s highly ironic and slightly obscene
But love is a colorful thing, Love is a colorful thing.

At the end of the tunnel, I know there’s a light.
The glimmer of mornin’, the twinkle of night,
The glow of your smile, the green of your eyes,
Oh what a beautiful sight.

Life is a colorful thing… Life is a colorful thing.





  1. Nothing fires the synapses of our memory banks better than music we listened to in our younger days. Three of my favorite ARS hits are; So Into You, Imaginary Lover, and Spooky. Indigo is a beautiful song, which perhaps was meant to draw attention to the beauty of that particular segment of the spectrum of light: Indigo. It may be my favorite, depending on the mood. One day, in heaven, we’ll see colors never before realized, emanating from the throne of God.

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    • Hi Sheldon, nice to see you here 🙂

      I agree with the music/memories thing and with your choices of ARS songs – all are amongst my top five for sure!

      As for the colours, the ones we see here are like we view them ‘through a glass darkly’ as Paul might have (well, did) said. 😉 our poor limited human bodies might be in his image but they allow us only a minutest fraction of glimpses into the totality of His Glory – with any of our human senses. Heaven will be an eye-opener for sure – for those who make it… i’m not going to claim i have that right just yet – it’s not for me to say so. 🙂

      Be blessed.



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