Point To Ponder #5 Is There Any Such Thing As Reasonable Extremism?

It seems to me these days more and more people are taking polarisingly opposite views to greater and greater extremes and that the distances between people, from within families to within global religions and ideologies (over multiple nations) are becoming increasingly wide and the opposing sides becoming more fixed and inflexible in their opinions of what and who is right.

So my question is: Just how reasonable is it to take an extreme view that what is right for you is right for everyone? That anyone who disagrees with you must have something fundamentally wrong in their thinking and should have no say in the society you all live in?

Sub-ponder/question: Is there anything all humans can agree needs to be our common goal – one that we should all aim for? An ‘extreme’, of sorts?

Last comment: Is there any respect left in this world for those who don’t agree with opinions you hold dear? Should there be?




  1. In answer to your sub-ponder – ‘thou shalt not kill’ would be a start, but we wouldn’t even get everyone to agree to that. Self-righteous bigotry and intolerance are far too much fun to even consider giving them up, and wiping out dissenters is essential proof of how righteous we are.

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    • I’m kinda big on the ‘kill no fellow man’ idea myself but i’m not quite sure how one would take that to an extreme! 😉 Just a moderately accurate form of it would actually do for most of us i think! And you’re quite right many people seem to think killing people is somehow ‘righteous’. I always thought that if God created something He was the only one with the right to kill it before it’s time. Apparently it’s ok to sub-contract that out to devout ‘believers’ down here in hell. 😦
      Nutjobs are never in short supply – we should wipe them from the face of the planet :->


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