A Clerihew! Who Knew? But is it True?

It’s a sad thing but True, 
That a small mind’s view,
Of our Universe and of the One Truth that exists as it,
Denies the totality, and imposes fallacy, down to each person’s limit.


I’m indebted to Candia of candiacomesclean.wordpress.com for introducing me to a previously unknown to me form of poetry.

This is my first effort at such and is meant to answer the question: What IS Truth and why can’t we all seem to agree upon many of the ones we see?

Elemental Truth
Universal Truth is a Fundamental Element

There is but a single all-unifying Truth – that EVERYTHING is connected – and if we attempt to sever that connection we similarly sever (cut up/damage/limit) the Truth. Selecting a small part of the Totality and treating it as separate from all other things introduces false concepts to the truth being considered or denies some vital information. This is made worse when we only see what we are attempting to consider from a single point of view and cannot see it in or as it’s (part of the) Totality.

An example of this is when we dissect a frog. We think by doing so we are able to see the ‘truth’ about the frog; that we can see all sorts of truths about it that we had not known before. But the truth is all we know by this is about what a dead frog is like – it tells us remarkably little about a live one, the truly important bit – what makes it alive?, for example, is mostly denied to us when we are dissecting it. We never (are even able to) put it back together as it was before – we changed that frog (and our understanding of what a live one is) in the attempt, forever. A live frog is a part of the Totality that the act of dissecting denies to us.

A comment on a blog i visited today presented an example (of sorts) of how a different view (from a different culture/place on earth to our own) can cause opposing truths to arise from the same thing.

The thing in question is a tanned skin. For most of my life in my culture a tanned skin was something most aspired to – Aussies LOVE to sunbathe and try to make their white skin a darker shade of brown. We even proudly proclaim that we are a Sunburnt Nation and our very best are (Sun) Bronzed Aussies. A tan is something good in my culture (but that view is even now being changed thanks to our rankings in skin cancer rates compared to the rest of the world!);  Something Aspirational.

The blogger though, had a different truth regards tanning. Her ideal was not a darker skin, but a whiter, paler one. Dark skin was seen as almost shameful, implying a degree of carelessness of one’s self or, as being associated with the lower social classes/less fashionable people. Decidedly Non-Aspirational.

Two different ways of seeing the one thing – introduces two truths: A – tan is Good; B – tan is Bad. Which one is the real truth? A?, B? – or neither, in real, absolute truth? It depends upon your point of view: change it and the truth changes with you! The real truth is all answers are true in some form, and also missing the bigger picture and, therefore, in some sense ‘fake’ – or at best, incomplete.

The Truth is ALL. In us seeing some part of Truth we separate ‘our’ truth from all of Truth and so falsify it, lessen it. All any of us sees is then illusory (fake?). It is by this we create the illusion of fallacy. Only God could see Truth in totality. Our mind’s relative puniness condemns each one of us to live in a far less than True world – even if we may see or think there is a lot of what is true to us in it. This is magnified even more when we stand firm on our own point of perspective and focus from which we view our own view of Truth (Such as this one!) 🙂 without being willing, or even able, to have multiple perspectives or change of focus on what is considered important or relevant when looking at or for truth.

Footnote: (for cosmological nerds, or those who fully understood all of the above only!)

Increasingly physicists and mathematicians who work in the field are proposing theories of multiverses – possibly infinite in number – many of which might share a deal in common with our own Uni (meaning just the one) verse but which could at the same time hold many differences. Our Universe might even spawn (already have spawned?) an infinity of others with identical pasts up to the point where the two diverge only to carry on their own separate paths of existance, with neither one ever being aware of the existence of the other.

I expect that should this ever become any more than a theory (and unless an artificial super-intelligence (ASI) is finally created by man then i suspect we humans may never be able to prove it by ourselves) then the same applies – only much larger. Everything will still be connected – with greater levels of complexity, it’s just that some parts will be ‘Off-limits’ to us mere mortals. Our brains are forever conformed to just 3 plus 1 dimensions. 11 dimensional physics is beyond the capabilities of understanding for us, i fear.

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  1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed the clerihews. My understanding of them is that you have to start with someone’s name, however. Check it out and keep composing!


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