Ballet for the Disabled??

I saw this photo in my local free community paper and had to take a second look. Short Ballet Dancer

Initially i thought: Wow! How does he manage that  – with his condition??

Slowly , the truth dawned and i could see that he was not, as i had thought, disabled, having shortened legs, but that it was an simple trick of perspective in what is an unusual, if not unfortunate, photographic anomaly.

This is in fact a particularly apt example of something i’ve been considering a lot of late, which is the way we see things, and i don’t mean just with our eyes but how we see life in general.

I am working on a photography post who’s main theme will be on the ‘duality’ of photography. By that i mean how with the one camera and in the one position we can take at least two divergent pathways to determine what it is we actually end up seeing in our frame and that we can, and do in fact, see entirely different things with entirely different features depending upon which one we, as the observer, choose to make appear as reality, our final snapshot picture. Basically, we don’t see what is there we see what we set ourselves up to see.

You need to read the post to fully appreciate why this is.

It should be noted that we can also do this when we look at a thing called ‘life’ which, although there is only one for all of us and we share it on this planet together, we end up seeing very different things to others sometimes and are largely convinced that it is our view that is the ‘correct’ one to the point where we will argue the toss and believe those who oppose our view must be idiots.

The post might take a day or two!







  1. LOL – I am so familiar with dance photos of this type I had to look thrice to see what you were describing about “short legs.” Support for you point about perspective, Love.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  2. Thanks Madelyn! – you got my point exactly.
    Then you have given the perfect example of how the mind sees what it is most familiar with first and how we struggle to see what is actually ‘real’ ( sometimes). I saw short legs first and struggled to see your reality – you saw normal dancer first , being used to seeing it from this rather unique perspective and struggled to see my ‘reality’. Humans do this in so many ways every day and yet we often don’t understand or allow for why some see things differently to us – like why some think Trump is a good president for example. It’s the way they see it. Sometimes what we see isn’t really what’s there by reason of our perspective on just what is real to us. This was expanded on in my post It’s Rabbit Season – Duck! 🙂



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