It’s Rabbit Season – DUCK!!

One of my favourite memories from Merrie Melodies cartoons was of Bugs, Daffy and Elmer Fudd in wabbit hunting season…

loony tunes

Bugs starts off –

“It’s Duck season!”

Daffy replies –

“It’s Rabbit season!”

“It’s Duck season!”

“It’s Rabbit season!”

“It’s Rabbit season!”

“It’s Duck season!” – FIRE!!

(Elmer shoots Daffy). 😀

This memory was brought to mind recently because i was pondering the nature of truth and facts. Specifically how it is that us humans are capable of seeing things so differently and yet firmly believe that our way of seeing things, our truth, is the real one and whoever doesn’t see things the way we do to are idiots.

So why Bugs and Daffy (aside from us all relating to Bugs, and Daffy being the idiot??) 😉 …

This is why:

Duck rabbit

It is a fact that this is a drawing of an animal.

It is also a fact that this is a drawing of the head of an animal.

It is another fact that the animal drawing has eyes. (Well, this is not factually accurate since we can only directly see one eye in the drawing, we just assume that usually when such an animal has one eye it must also have another – as far as the drawing is concerned the ‘fact’ is it is drawn with only one eye visible).

Since it has an eye that is open we could reasonably and truthfully state that the animal appears to be looking in a particular direction.

We are on slightly less certain ground here in saying it is a fact that the drawn animal is looking in a specific direction, (to the left of page or to the right) because this ‘fact’ depends upon a number of assumptions we make about the object in question, one of which is that we stated it appears to be looking in one direction when it may not be looking for whatever reason(s). Still most people would probably concede it as a true statement (fact) that the animal is looking in one direction (left or right) without much dissent.

It is a fact that this is a drawing of a rabbit!

It is a fact that this is a drawing of a duck!


How can those both be true facts? Either it is a rabbit or it is a duck. How could it possibly be both – at the same time?

And yet it is.

Most of us have a problem seeing this the first time we look. We see either the one or the other. Some struggle to see the real truth and can only see one (simplified) version of a much more complex, somewhat confusing at first, less obvious truth.

There is a quite simple ‘trick’ that will forever (as long as you can remember it) make you see either side at any time and because of that be able to see the ‘real’ truth that was hidden to you before.

I will share it with you now…

Which way is the animal looking? to the left? or to the right?

Whichever one you say (you are right whichever way you say) now look at it as if the animal is looking the other way (because the animal image is looking both ways – at once! – we just only see it looking one way at a time because of how our brain is wired up to make images best fit with what we expect to see/more readily recognise. What we do NOT expect to see is a duck that is actually also a rabbit at one and the same time).

The Duck is looking to the left of screen. (Beak in front of eyes to the left).

The Rabbit is looking to the right of screen. (Ears are behind eyes to the left).

In an earlier post i pointed out (with photographs) that completely true and yet completely contradictory statements could be made about a single object, much like with the Duck/Rabbit image.

Unlike the duck/rabbit example, which is described generically as an optical illusion, when you can see two different things from the one perspective (if you try hard enough), this example of a single cuboctahedron is viewed as a different thing when viewed from a different angle of perspective.

cuboctohedron 4

So we should now be able to see for ourselves that there are at least two (and in reality there are many, many) examples where what we see as being true, while seeming to be indisputably true, is only, at best, true in a limited sense and owes it’s truth to the place/perspective we view something from or the belief within the observer (us) of said truth and not some external reality independent of us.

Physicists understand this very well and a related concept to this in Physics is called Duality, specifically Wave-Particle Duality where the same object (thing) can be viewed as two completely differing types of things depending upon how the observer chooses to observe the object. The most famous example being the make-up of light (electro-magnetic radiation): depending how you test it light can be seen as made up of very small particles with a certain level of energy contained in each, or, as a wave with the same properties of waves such as interference and reflection/refraction. Both are true (according to Physics) and both are indisputably different for most of us.


Basically what all the above is leading to is the fact that there are times when you should not be as certain of something as you think you are! 😉



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