Point to Ponder #2

(For my first ponder see: here)

How Old Are You – Really?

I admit it – I’m a bit of a science nerd! I love pondering the wonders of science and nature trying to get a deeper understanding of the world around me and maybe get to understand a little more about how it all fits together and how i fit into the big scheme of Things.

I’m keen on investigating Astronomy, Cosmology, Chemistry, Geometry, (simpler) Mathematics, Numerophilology (I love numbers) and Physics, mostly; not necessarily in that order and not limited to those branches of interest or study.

Something that i have known for a while now but never really given all that much consideration to, until recently, is something you might find a little startling…?

father_time_by_nolamom3507-d6gw9lt 1©2013-2017 Nolamom3507 – deviantart.com

You are much, much older than you think! And by ‘you’ i mean your physical body.

For while your current body might have only come into existence in the form it is now in this last century or the one before, the atoms
that make up the molecules
that make up the cells
that make up your body….

… are in some cases almost 14 billion years old!!

Most are probably at least 4-5 billion years old – the same age as our Sun and Solar System…

…and you may even have some ‘new ones’ that were created a mere 60-70 years ago…

IN AN ATOMIC BOMB TEST! (Be that a Russian, US, UK, French or Chinese one.)

You feel old sometimes these days? Not as young as you used to be? The weight of your years of moving around the planet beginning to tell?

Imagine your poor bodies’ electrons that largely have been whizzing around their atom’s nucleus for more than 4 000 000 000 years without once stopping to take a rest or sleep a wink!

Your human body is made up from trillions TIMES trillions (~ 10^28 – 10 followed by 28 noughts!) of little balls of matter that have remained effectively unchanged since the birth of our Sun and Planets, which themselves were made from older, dying sun stuff all the way back to the start of the Universe around 14 billion years ago when most of the smaller atoms in the things we see around us today were first fashioned and which were then used as the building blocks upon which larger and larger atoms were made in the furnaces of long dead suns.


One more sub-ponder: Your body currently contains almost none of the same atoms it did as a child – that you has long been replaced with different, equally as old, bits!

Given that there is almost nothing of the ‘old’ young you left today how is it that you recall pretty much all of what you’ve lived through as if your current body components were still the same as before?



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