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Rhythm In Life


I met a friend

In you;

the stranger next to me.

We agree history has made us strangers;



Let’s try;

let’s try to be friends,

Let’s try…

let’s try to agree on something;

Something that will make history worth keeping.

Let’s try…

Walking at the same pace,

Without trying to outrun one another;

Without weighing what was.

Let’s try …

To erase what was just for a moment;

The history that separates us.

the history of power,

the history of sweat and blood,

the history of pain,

the history of mocking,

the history of ropes and fire

the history of knives and axes.


I will share my history,

I will listen to your history,

So we can then make our history,

With no history from yesterday to separate us.

Today I will know your world,

You can know mine too

So we can live in our…

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