Flower of the Day – April 13, 2017 – Poppies


Cee’s Flower of the Day – April 13, 2017 – Oriental Poppy


A neighbour kindly gave me a few Remembrance Poppy seeds a few years ago. I threw them in a few places round the garden and got some nice bunches of poppies, which i collected the seeds from to replant for the next season. The first crop were basically identical (or i did not notice much variety in any of them).


Each year they came up i found more and more varieties. Mostly the flowers have 4 petals some have six and some are double fours. Initially all were bright red, some had a black ‘cross’ in the centre of the cup, some did not. Four years ago i collected one petal from the different varieties i had in bloom that day – the pic of them is at the bottom.

(Click on Pic to enlarge)

The original poppy plant (black cross in centre type).


A later variant – no idea where this seed came from.


A beautiful pure white poppy – with a dandelion seed caught at centre!  No idea where this variety came from but a few red poppies with an outer white lip appeared before this beauty showed up.


13 different varieties, types (4 petals, 6 petals; black cross, white cross, no cross and peach with brown cross in centre; red, red and white, and peach coloured leaves and colours picked on the same day. All plants came from just one original type.





  1. Thank you Cee! Just to be clear the last pic were petals taken from 13 different plants. Each plant had the same 4 (or 6) petals as any one in the photo. Amazingly to me, all plants came from one original seed stock type.



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