Point To Ponder #1

ponderingWelcome to the first of what may become a long series of posts that have given me something to think about and i hope may do the same to you.

You ponderings are of great interest to me so please feel free to leave any thoughts or conclusions you come to in the comments below.

So my First PTP is….


How come on the rare occasions i see or hear the word “Pleasure” mentioned in today’s modern world it is most often preceded by the word “Guilty”??


and a pondering sub point…. Pleasure is derived from the same word as the word (to) Please.

following from that: are you a nett pleasure taker or pleasure giver? Do you please yourself more than you please others? Do you get pleasure from pleasing others, or is it more of a (necessary) chore?


Personally i think i am more of a pleasure taker, not from others (although i would rarely refuse it if offered) but from things…. like the beauty of flowers in close-up, the joy of watching birds in my birdbath, cake and chocolate, a walk on the beach as the sun sets over it or snuggling in a warm bed.




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