Fun Foto Challenge: Summer – Fire


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Summer – Fire

Here are my 5 entries for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week:

Firecracker bush (Click on pics to enlarge)DSCF2022

Bad hair day! Red Tailed Black Cockatoo – Arrival signals start of summer and they leave when it ends (which here in Aus is about 6 months difference!) 🙂
Black Cockatoo 1017

Favourite Summer flower – Gazania

What says Summer more than sunbaking on a beach? 😎DSCF1331

My ‘local’ – it’s ok to admit you’re jealous!DSCF0058





    • Thank you Judy, i never knew what it’s name was before today when i finally found something close on Google! 🙂 You’re right they do look like tiny lipsticks before they open at the tip. I just thought it was a ‘fire bush’ 🙂 It was being really showy this year.


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      • I think plants have many names in different locations..It looks like all three. The ants love it. Once I saw an entire procession the length of my patio.. each ant carrying one of these blooms aloft, points upward. It was like an olympic parade with everyone carrying part of the flame.

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