Double Up! Flower of the Day – March 31 2017

Jennifer’s   Color Your World – Hot Magenta
Cee’s Flower of the Day – March 31, 2017 – Daffodils

I know it’s cheating but – it’s quicker and i don’t care, so there :-p

I got a two for one deal here – Hot Magenta Zygocactus!

(Click on pic to enlarge)DSCF1476

Portulaca hanging basket – thanks Cee!

Magenta Portulaca

Phalaenopsis OrchidDSCF1578



    • Wow – only one?? Tricky….
      if i was forced to pick i’d say Gazania for beauty but honeysuckle for fragrance. Probably the flower of the cacao plant ‘cos it gives us CHOCOLATE!! 🙂



    • Ah yess. I forgot! 😉 Seems they can also be Thanksgiving Cactus in the US and i was surprised to learn zygo seems t be a uniquely Aussie name and that they are actually a Schlumbergera variant: S Truncata!



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