Brace Yourself!

This might come as a bit of a shock to some people…

What if we could see the election of Donald Trump as a positive thing for America???

orang shock

Whoa, whoa. here me out first! I didn’t say HE was a good thing… i said if his election was seen as one.

Now that America has taken the Step Too Far and put a sometime billionaire, 6 time bankrupt, full time narcissist with no political experience what-so-ever into the most powerful Government job in the world, Americans can see exactly what losing interest in, or becoming disaffected by, politics can do to a country, if not the entire world.

If this is not a really good reason to fight off any apathy you may have once had on the subject and start to become more politically aware and start demanding more from YOUR elected  representatives, that they start obeying YOUR wishes since YOU are employing THEM (and not the other way around – “we’re going to get more jobs and more growth?” Yeah, Riiight – FOR THEMSELVES FIRST!)

Start following what ‘your’ Rep (state and federal) actually DOES while in office. How does s/he vote in the congress (Parliament)? Get him/her to publically announce it on a website or social media platform as well as keeping a list available in his office so you and everyone else can see it. Make them do the same for all improvements to their seat they have helped push through, and those they did not. Make the bastard’s accountable to YOU! Like they should always be.

Now there is a very good reason for actively participating in local politics – to make sure NOTHING like this ever gets elected again.

It can only be a good thing – Right?

Spread the Word.



  1. Well said, Love. I second your post – getting involved, FACT checking, and remaining informed is the only way to avoid travesties like this in the future, and if that happens as a result, maybe there is a silver lining to this blackest of clouds. Good luck influencing the millions of Americans who are still clinging to the rightness of their choice at the polls, grasping at rapidly thinning straws.

    As for the rest of us, we are praying that the Russian ties to our recent election will come out IN FULL and will bite him in the butt, taking him down. The Pencil will be NO better and could be even worse (he just cast another tie-breaker, defunding Planned Parenthood, leaving millions of woman without access to well-woman care or contraceptives) – so let’s all pray his hands are just as dirty and that his involvement comes out as well.

    Right-wing supporters will, no doubt, attempt to explain away anything and everything to reduce cognitive dissonance unless enough incontrovertible evidence comes to light that they simply cannot – and maybe, for some, even after it does.

    btw- MUST add for your readers who are not already aware, that he did *NOT* win the popular vote. Gerrymandering (i.e., distract division corruption changing the balance in the Electoral College) – and the cowards who failed to use their ability to over-ride to cast their votes pro-America are what created this mess.

    Over half of the country was in shock, and has been in mourning since November. We’re not ALL idiots in this country.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  2. Agreed to both. It’s sad that something like 16% of the country can elect the leader for all the country and that around 2/3drs either can’t vote or can’t be bothered to.

    While you might be in a mess now it’s fairly certain that many millions of your countrymen have been feeling the same way you do for at least the last 8 years. We in Australia don’t have the same level of disaffection because less than 5% of our population live in the areas and work in the sectors worst hit by our political choices. Plus we have compulsory voting so most have a say even if their opinions on politicians and politics might largely agree with you.



  3. Leaders have never been elected , it’s a story that’s elected and one that is polished by the media to get the right party in power. Without the press and now social media no party stands a dogs chance. Time was ripe for Donald and he was quick to see that the potential threat of the foreigner would do the trick . If there is one thing we all hate to lose its our living standards ; Europe is under migrant threat and it’s a worldwide problem. The second big bonus is the threat of Islam and the right has risen to meet it .


    • Leaders (and their party – most times!) are the ones selling the story to the Media/Social media – in that sense they elect themselves (if they can con the greatest number.) Both Hillary and Donald had the media to use as they saw fit. It’s fair to say most press was not on Trump’s side and he won anyway. Fear of foreigners has always done the trick for those prepared to use it to their own purpose. Not only is it world wide it is also timeless – we never learn. Hitler was probably the Master in recent times and look where that got us. A majority of his countrymen got in line behind him and he lead them to places a saner man may not have. There is an important lesson there we ignore at our personal peril. Austrtalia has also dabbled with using migration and the fear as a political football, with both major parties trying to kick a winning goal.

      Thanks for the comment!


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  4. We cannot learn to be different from our basic nature , that is why history is repetition of mistakes. We are not entirely rational and we may add to that we are not entirely responsible for our actions. The law takes this into account making allowances for age , circumstances and mental condition. In the power game of politics there will always be those who by hook or crook will get in to hold the reins. Clever but unscrupulous men will always be around to bend things in their favour.

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