You Are My Brother; You Are My Sister; We Are As One!

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We seem to be a little over-diversified as a species?
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Looking around our world today there seems to be and ever-increasing number of ways that we humans distinguish and differentiate ourselves from our fellow human (or is that now hu-person? err hu-perdaughter?? Hu-persibling???)

It is a tactic of Nature to differentiate all life so as to give life the best possible opportunities to survive in a world that is never constant, but undergoes frequent minor and sometimes catastrophically major changes. Given that life has existed on our planet in one form or another consistently for over 3.5 billion years it is a tactic that appears to have worked quite well.

Each and every hupersibling is a unique individual, something large numbers of the current generation seems to relish in and have formed into a ‘me’ culture in Western society (i cannot speak for other ones but imagine they are catching up to this also).

No two humans have the same genetic makeup and experiences. Some are closer than others (eg. twins, triplets, etc.) but none are exactly alike in all respects. Individuality IS a ‘thing’ now.

And therein lies a BIG problem. For a while (around 3.5 billion years) being different was a good thing – it did cause a few problems (things eating other things, wars, etc) but in the main it was helpful and caused life to flourish, multiply and diversify over the entire planet.

And then along comes ‘Man’ (hupersibling).

As our ability to both communicate and travel around the world has improved our differences are being focussed upon to greater and greater degrees and have started to outweigh our perceived level of sameness as a species of life. This enables both greater comparisons and resentments between differing groups to arise as well as causing greater rates of change to occur within and between societies. People are often afraid of change, particularly large changes within short time frames. When people become afraid they tend to fight to defend their own old ways.

Consider this in the context of hupersiblingkind now having the capacity to wipe out not only our own life but all life on this planet – a thing no other species has ‘achieved’, and it gives me pause for thought.

I think there needs to be some sort of counterfoil to the increasing focus on how different each of us can be from another. I think we need reminders of what we all have in common, values we all share and ideals we all want for ourselves, our children and our community, our common species and our planet.

It is undeniable that we are all unique in both physical and mental composition, but we are not totally unique – we all share many things in common with the members of our Family. Every single one of my hupersiblings on this planet all belong to the one giant Family.

As with all families there will inevitably be some things we don’t see exactly eye to eye on, but they should never be so great as to permit our Family to be split apart from one another into factions, or feel a need to destroy each other.

We can agree to disagree but we cannot, at least not for a while anyway, ever leave Home (Earth). Let’s not ‘burn our House down’ either!

I think that we need to be constantly reminding ourselves and our fellow siblings of the many things we have in common – that way it might be just that little bit harder for any of us to see another hupersibling being as less than we are. Or wanting to eliminate/ separate them from who we are.


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  1. Reblogged this on Lovewillbringustogether’s Weblog and commented:

    I first posted this piece 2 years ago. When i did it received exactly 2 ‘likes’ (Thank you so much, Cee! 🙂 ) and 0 comments. I’m hoping for a marginally better response this time.

    I think it’s one of the best pieces i’ve written, but i may be biased. 🙂


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