I was checking over my USB drives and updating some of my back-up data that i really don’t want to lose if my hard drives commits Hari-Kari ( as has been known to happen!) and came across one that had some images i had completely forgotten i had once saved there.

They are just too good not to share…

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  1. You are SO right – these are clearly too good not to share. The one with the baby’s arm around the puppy and then the one with the kiss, and then . . yeah – what I said. Too good!

    But what’s this about hard drives and hari kari? As if there wasn’t enough to worry about in today’s world. sheesh! 🙂

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    • Thanks Madelyn glad you enjoyed them too. 🙂 My favourite is the two with the silly string!

      My experience was back when hard drives were much smaller and i almost filled mine up and then tried to defragment the drive (using up chunks of hard drive space) and it gave up the ghost. 😦

      Things are better these days but you can never fully trust hardware so make sure you back up (preferably to a portable hard drive/storage device – cloud as a last resort) any data you’d rather not be without!


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      • Good reminder. I haven’t backed since my move, when I had help packing up my equipment and my external hard drive and dvd somehow didn’t make it into the same carton with the computer and monitor. I really must make it a priority to locate them both. since I’m not particularly cloud friendly.

        I’d rather not live without ANY of my data.

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