• Hmmmm… probably less conspiracy and more poor design! 🙂 Most likely a settings incompatibility somewhere with WP and our 2 sites. You saw it is the main thing – thanks for letting me know 🙂


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      • No I haven’t seen it yet lwbut as I have not logged off but I will tonight, it looks like it is a funny one, I enjoy good humour.

        I have been meaning to ask you what does lwbut mean or is it a secret? my definition is….

        “I would but”

        Hmmmm so would I but!

        Blessings – Anne.


  1. My Mistook, misread your comment. Not really sure why you can’t see the vid? here’s a link in case it doesn’t work later either – it’s on facebook?

    As for my nickname? I like your guess, but it actually starts with an L not an I then look at my weblog’s name…..



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