If it is good enough for us, it’s good enough for them!

The thought occurred to me today that it is about time our politicians felt what large numbers of the working class do – what it is like to be replaced by a machine.

NBS ELECTION CENTRAL, 'The computer projects that, whoever wins, we're all going to be sorry.'

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is far better at making fair and accurate decisions ( based upon multiple tested outcomes ) than humans are. We should be voting for an AI rather than a person – we can still have Republican, Democrat or even independent machines to vote for that will no doubt each have their own parties priorities in their programming, but unlike humans should be able to agree upon which program produces the best outcome for the greatest number of individuals.

This has the added bonus of not having to use tax-payer dollars to support the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed after they leave office. Plus we could use our own AI to check their decisions are not being unduly affected by self-interest or outside influences.

It would also end the ludicrous idea of voting for a popular/unpopular personality instead of who has the best policies.

WATSON for President 2020! – Who’s with me?



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