Voting Time!

Bondi Voters
Voting in Bondi


We’ve had Brexit. Then we had the Aussie Federal Election  (but no-one really cared or noticed that much!) Then we had the Election from Hell (US Federal). Now it’s our turn.

Tomorrow Western Australia gets to Vote! (Yay – deadpan with a heavy tinge of sarcasm).

Like most votes nowadays it will be close – very close – between one of the two major parties getting in. An incumbent conservative government coalition looking for a 3rd consecutive term (difficult for any party to achieve) or the Labor left/Union dominated party that the polls predict will have a ‘landslide’ swing  and win (reversing the last landslide that went against them when they were thrashed at the 2014 election).

Given that in the last term of governmentour state has gone from a $1 billion deficit to a $39 billion deficit while we have had a mining boom that made massive wealth to some, it is hard to see why anyone would vote them back in, other than for reasons of sheer bloody mindedness and pre-conceived notions of what the other party stands for or might do.

We will see tomorrow I guess.

But the thing i wanted to point out is that our long drawn out (over 3 months) election campaign has been drawn into the same trend as has become increasingly apparent in most countries around the world – that of increasing polarisation between the two main camps and a worryingly growing trend and intensity of violent disagreement in the general population, along political ideology lines.

For the first time that i am aware of members of the current government have had death threat letters sent to them in the final week of the campaign. This is not the Australia i grew up in, nor is it the Australia i want to remain living in (emphasis on remain living!)

It is up to all of us to fix this problem, but i cannot help but believe that the politicians hold a considerable amount of the blame for making it get to this point with their fear campaigns and constant denigration (particularly while in opposition) of their estimable (?? dubious sometimes) members and party who’s job it is to oppose them.

Recent discoveries (look up Cambridge Analytics) make me think our leaders might not be solely responsible for firing up the fear and resulting hatred in the voting populace as hidden forces are undoubtedly pulling their strings for their own agendas.

Opposition should NOT mean hate. Disagreement should not mean disrespect.

Our political leaders should be the exemplars of these two facts not the prime examples of what we should not be doing ourselves. America – you have my deepest sympathies for your next 4 years with the current choice of ‘Leader’.

W.A. – not that you have many decent choices within the current political arena – but bear the above in mind and choose wisely who you want as a leader for the next 3 years.

May God help us All.






  1. “Disagreement should not mean disrespect.” YES! And politicians should not act like childish playground factions shouting about mothers wearing Army boots.

    If I had a magic wand, I would zap them all and make them GROW THE %$#& UP!!

    Perhaps I need to sprinkle similar fairy dust among the populace who keeps voting politicians who behave disgracefully into power.

    I am reminded, by this post, of my own hopes that Americans would think hard and choose wisely. I hope the election goes better in your country than it did in ours. Just said a prayer for Australia. God help us all indeed!

    Only a quickie comment here – still preparing for tomorrow morning’s appointment and taking a momentary break in my endeavor to remain awake until my ride arrives at 8AM – too afraid to sleep lest I not awaken (N-24 btw, not fear of death).

    Please keep praying all goes calmly and efficiently for me, and that I return home quickly, able to fall asleep relatively easily for a MUCH needed longer-than-a nap!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    • YOU GOT IT! ( prayers) 🙂 Did you see my November post on prayer i gave in one of my replies here?

      Thanks for the Prayer for Aus. At least there is not quite so much at stake for the world in this one and things won’t change too dramatically here either way.

      I HOPE and pray 😉


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      • THANKS – I’ve got folks praying for me all over the world, and I am so grateful.

        ALL countries will need to keep their wits about them as Agent Orange marches on, I fear. So I prayed for the wisest to be elected, and for God to touch the hearts of your people as they vote.

        Did NOT see the prayer post – but will look it up on my next little break. Now that I can see it is probably going to be a cold and rainy day (yesterday was warm and lovely), I must go back through my closet before I put post-it flags on all the paperwork to be able to sort through quickly if asked.


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