Time for Change.

“Every year the world’s desert areas increase by 130 000 square kilometers!”

Sir David Attenborough, ‘Planet Earth 11’ – TV Series 2016


It should be reasonably obvious to anyone that our planet cannot sustain that kind of degradation and still be able to support current levels of animal (incl. human) population, let alone our rapidly increasing levels. Something serious has to change and we cannot afford to wait for Nature to do it all on her own and in her own time.

Anyone who somehow still clings to the belief that the current excess of humans on this tiny planet is not adversely affecting every possible biosphere, from the rarest of high altitude atmosphere to the extreme depths of our oceans (a staggeringly thin 30 km wide shell that contains all life on our planet) is deluding themselves and is contributing to robbing our children and grandchildren of their environmental heritage – the right to be able to enjoy the varied environments our parents did, not to mention the right to food, water and breathable air.

Humans did not create climate change – for a hundred thousand years or more of human history their nett effect on our planet was effectively zero – Nature was the prime determinant of our weather/atmosphere/water cycles/temperature. That, however,  is changing due to our uncontrolled and exponential growth rate in population, combined with our insatiable desire for burning fossil fuels that ever-greater percentages of country’s populations have become addicted to.

Some positive change is happening, despite those who have the greatest financial gain in trying to maintain the status quo, but it is not enough and not fast enough to prevent the hard fall that is approaching at an increasingly fast rate.

May i suggest we all do what we can, start by educating yourself even more than you currently are, and doing as much as is possible, alone or in groups/organisations.

A little pain now will ensure less pain to come.






  1. The worst thing that could happen to the planet recently DID – the child in charge of America, with his refusal to believe the science. If his GOAL were to hasten the demise of the planet, he would do nothing different. God help us ALL!

    And you are right. We can not afford to “wait and see” – we need to educate ourselves and inundate our representatives – at the very least.

    And pray.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  2. Yesterday, I read in the Boston Globe that the fishermen along the coast are (again) suing the (EPA? Courts?) to let them continue to fish the local fisheries that they had closed so the fish would have time to grow up to be full sized fish.

    When Garry was working, he covered this story year after year. These guys fought and fought and fought until they finally had to close George’s Banks and now, they have closed the local smaller banks … and they are STILL FIGHTING.

    You’d think at some point they’d get it. Figure out that whatever they “gain” now, it will completely destroy the entire industry, probably permanently in a few years, but they never get it.

    WE don’t get it. Sure, I get it and YOU get it, but most people don’t see it, feel it, understand it. They never will. Maybe we deserve to be the designated non-survivors of this age of the earth. Perhaps it’s time for us to go away and not come back.


  3. We agree! I would add though that when your immediate livelihood is at stake it rather tends to narrow your perspective preventing you from clearly seeing the long term benefits. We might see things more their way were we in their position and PERHAPS they see it ours if they were in ours!?



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