“i Wanna Make This Perfeckly Clear…!”

Richard Nixon
US President # 37

The Words of Richard Nixon i find strangely appropriate now…

By the way – for any who may be in some doubt let me make one thing Absolutely Clear.

I am not ‘anti-‘ anything (other than great injustices – minor injustices i tend to put up with unless they directly affect me or those i care most about) 🙂

I am not Anti-Communist, i am not racist or Anti- Chinese; -Japanese; -Sumatran or -Somalian or any other human segregation we have made. I Am Pro-Australian, because it is my country of choice, not of birth.

The thing i am most opposed to is the UNFAIR competition all Superpowers have in the world by reason of their superior strength, be it economic, civil or military.

That throughout History ALL ’empires’ have only succeeded in making temporary and minor gains for their populations while ensuring massive wealth and gains for their leaders – and all at the expense of gouging out an unfair share of another country’s (and in some cases most of the rest of the the world’s) economic wealth.

No Empire in history has ever increased it’s wealth and well-being of it’s population equitably and solely by means of it’s own contributions. All have made gains through the involuntary sacrifices of other Sovereignties, and distributed that wealth unfairly within it’s population (Just look at Saudi Arabia – or the fact that despite a massive increase in wealth for some 300 million Chinese, still over 75% of it’s population, a thousand million people, live in virtual agricultural poverty and it has some of the poorest paid labour forces in the world today – which is why their goods are so cheap to purchase – or used to be, China is able more and more to demand it’s own price for what it alone now is able to produce for world consumption).

As the Chinese Empire is rapidly growing into the leading superpower on this planet we will all come to know how that actually feels, (being forced to accept things we don’t truly want but have to accept – losing your own ‘identity’, your culture and tradition, in the process), not just those of us who live in ‘lesser’ country’s. I don’t expect many – other than the percentage of Chinese who improve their relative wealth and status in the world – are going to be all that happy about it.

I believe any country’s leaders have the Right to do whatever their population’s are prepared to let them do – IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! And that is as far as their ‘Rights’ extend – unless by mutually agreed (and non-forced, ‘negotiational’ co-operation.

I know that is and never has been the way the world actually works – but i like to think we may have reached the stage where we can actually agree it is a fairer way to run the planet.

China – please take note!

Love can Hopeth All Things.




  1. I never thought I would think it, never mind put it in writing, but compared to the impulsive and hateful man/child recently elected, even Tricky Dick looks good.

    And I fear that what this administration has planned for us all, if we survive it, will be writ large in history as among the worst damage inflicted by any Imperialist nation – unless we can somehow stop him, which isn’t looking likely right now.

    I follow an Aussie now living in China, and what I have learned about Chinese government from her blog sounds like it would be an improvement. I’d worry more about America right now, so sad to say.

    I have a Christian friend who assures me that it is all part of God’s plan – but I have wondered lately, and for the first time in my life, if we all need to be reading Revelations and preparing for the end of times. Apocalypse NOW?
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


  2. Hi Madelyn – found this in my spam filter with 2 others of yours! Definitely will reply when i’m not in such a rush … but i think you can relax just a little as you probably have a few days before The Apocalypse! lol! 🙂



  3. From Marilyn A Serendipity: Power comes, power goes. Mostly, it comes and comes some more. Here and everywhere. Who’s to say that Australia and New Zealand are not the next super powers?

    Maybe there’s another huge meteorite out there with our names on it.


  4. Madelyn – made it back 🙂

    Life is nothing if not full of surprises and things we never would have believed possible seem to be occurring more and more – not sure if that is saying something about our world – or about us? Maybe both! 🙂

    My personal choice would still be for the USA over China – but that is made from the relative safety of my life down under which i prefer to both of those i can only imagine/wonder about.

    I know some christians like that too! 😉 and i have put quite some time the last couple of years thinking about God’s Plan and how well it is going or otherwise. If we left it to the christians the end of days would have happened at least once a decade for most of the last 2000 years i reckon 😉 (Gulf War 1, Y2K, Gulf War 2 (shock and awe) GFC and Year 2012 (Mayan calendar) to name several.)

    (Apologies to the less radical christians out there).

    Revelations is a great read impo. and, in fact, is my favourite book of the Bible and to this day remains largely a mystery to me. It is prophetical but also gives good advice that we be ready for the end of this world and better things to come to those who do Righteously!

    Is always a good idea to make sure your ‘affairs’ are in good order for whenever you do pass away but don’t count on seeing the end of this world as literally as John saw it in his dream.

    The End of The World comes to all of us sooner or later, that is inescapable. Prepare yourself like it will happen tomorrow but live like you’ll never see it is the best advice i have 🙂



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