Human Purpose

What is my (our) purpose in life?

This is a variation on a common venn diagram explaining Purpose ( Bliss in this case) but i find it has some minor misnomers:Charity should be swapped with vocation (the world does not pay you for charity); Career should be renamed Work. Satisfaction should be renamed Self-satisfaction because the world does not need what you are doing in this region)


Every single one of us will likely have, to a greater or lesser degree, a different answer to this question, even though we are all single human beings who live on the same little planet with distinctly similar goals, aims and abilities.

We can make big things about our various, largely minor, differences, but the truth is there is not all that much difference between any of us – certainly not when compared to things that are not human – we all share a lot in common.

We are born largely helpless and dependent upon those willing to tend to our need for food and shelter and companionship. We grow and learn. We seek out others as a way of better surviving the challenges of life and to share our experiences with and hopefully learn from those experiences of others (like don’t go up and pull the tail of that nice orange, black-striped, big toothted cat, for example). Some find someone they can like enough to reproduce with – for almost all of history this was, of necessity, someone of an opposite sex to their own, but no longer, it seems.

Such people generally take on the responsibility of looking after their off-spring as well as trying to look after themselves (and perhaps others, such as employees/ parents/ relatives/ countries) until finally they die, leaving any progeny to repeat the cycle ad infinitum, ideally with the Hope that each generation improves upon the product of the previous one.

Some find (or accept) this is their purpose: to be born, live, breed and die, hopefully doing no serious damage to the chances of others to do the same along the way and ideally to find that, for at least 50% of their time, they are what they would call ‘Happy'(or perhaps comfortable or at peace might be a better choice of word?)

If this is the purpose of all life (as it seems to be for every other living organism but the Human one) then i have not yet fulfilled my purpose, nor am i likely to before i pass on from this life.

My Hope is that – if only for me – there is some greater purpose to life that i may find and go some way toward achieving.

Maybe the purpose of life is to Strive (suffer?/overcome sufferring?) after or for something of personal/humanitarian benefit?

Does anyone have any better vision of their/’our’ purpose?


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