What The World Needs Now….

(An ongoing post – come back for future updates)

Is More…

Love, Consideration, Thought, Congratulations, Respect, Humour, Self-awareness (introspection of personal motivations and beliefs), Research, Responsibility, Restraint (Self-control), Charity (love of others), Contemplation, Calm.

Is Less…
Hatred, Intolerance, Opinions posted on ‘(Anti-)social media’, Abuse, Humour which is predominantly at the expense of others, Drugs, Fake news, Bias, Need to hurry, Violence broadcast as ‘entertainment’, Advertising, Self(ish)-promotion, Greed, Guns/Nukes, Anger, Desire for revenge.


If you hate ANYTHING, even if you can convince yourself you are doing it for a ‘good’ reason, you are lowering the quality of your life and those of everyone else. You would be doing infinitely more good to the world of which you are an essential part if you replaced hate with Love. That which you, through your own personal filter, see as not being worthy of your love and is something you wish to, or chose to, try to diminish you should at most resist (in a non-violent but effective as possible manner) and starve of oxygen/fuel to the ‘fire’. Those who do that with which you personally disagree you should engage with and learn why they feel that way and help them understand why you feel the way you do and i believe by doing that you will find very often that you both have much more in common that you first believed. Remember though, that it is next to impossible to reason an irrational being into rationality. Remember also that despite your belief, You (and I) are largely an irrational being.



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