Two Selves

Again, Commenters here are sharpening my thinking – i love that!

I think there is something we (including me) NEED to clearly understand if we are to become closer to Him!

It is our DUAL ‘nature’.

We are most definitely creatures OF the World – our bodies and most of our mind owes it’s entire physical, fleshy existence to it – we were made from the ‘dust’, we eat only that which is earthly and we drink water from the air and the ground and the ocean (indirectly). Our five senses (which feed our minds) were made solely to receive information of the world about us – the physical world.

This is so obvious to some humans it is ALL they see and believe in – all they can conceive of as real.

As children we learn to focus on this entirely for our survival. Some never pass that learning.

But this is not our origin! Nor is it our final destination.

We come from dust and we will soon return to it and the world shall continue as before…


That is not our end! – Nor was the World our beginning.

We HAVE a spiritual being as well as the physical one – the evidence is very hard for science to detect (because it does not know where to begin looking, nor is there any ‘payoff’ to do so.)

But I believe it to be So – and I believe Jesus knew this and was the embodiment of BOTH worlds in ONE.

We HAVE a spiritual nature, being, ‘body’ in addition to our physical one. Eastern philosophy and religions may allow for even further bodies also – a mental body of pure thought energies for one, but for now we do not need to consider any more than just Two (in One).

It is often hard, bordering on impossible, to think of the two body’s as being independent – we spend most of our life thinking of just ‘us’ as being all we are – everything all ‘lumped’ into one of ‘me’.

But the Physical and the Spiritual are not the same thing.

They are most definitely interlinked… “On Earth – as it is in Heaven” is not just a cute saying in a prayer (the Lord’s Prayer – Matt Ch 6) it is a statement, reminding all Christians that there is an ‘above’ and a ‘below’, and as from Genesis 1, there is something below and something above ‘heaven’ – go on read the first chapter again – especially the first ten verses.

It’s the first ten verses of our Holy Scripture – God’s Word and have any of us understood all it says?

Waters above and waters below heaven – living waters.

If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.
John 4:10

and from John 4:24:

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

We are to Worship God from spirit. But we are to also worship in truth – meaning we cannot worship him only from spirit but our heart and mind and body must do the same as our spirit – we must be ‘true’ in all ways and not be ‘double minded’ – following God with our spirit but not our earthly body and mind.

It can be VERY difficult for us to easily tell which is which, sometimes.

Our minds are at times able to trick us into thinking we are doing one thing (being in spirit ‘with’ God – doing His Will) when we are more truly doing our own will and not His. Pandering to our ego’s desire for control and not surrendering it up to Him.

It gets VERY tricky indeed to tell the difference – and its something we all need to work out for ourselves – others are not often able to offer much in the way of help – we either ‘get it’ or we don’t – if we don’t God is likely to keep on providing either the same kind of way or a new kind of way to bring what we are doing incorrectly to our attention.

Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees – it is so close we can’t focus properly and get ‘stuck’ in one place trying so hard when all that is needed is a small ‘step back’ and a clear head and heart to ‘see’ more clearly what our ‘problem’ actually is.

I believe a pretty good first step is to recognise that there are actually two of ‘us’ – one physical/earthly and one spiritual/heavenly. A second step would be to learn how to let the latter guide and move the former, not the reverse that many of us do presently.


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