It occurred to me this morning that I could have a lot more respect for atheists in general if, some 2000+ years ago, a bunch of the smartest ones had gotten together and written down their moral code in book form, complete with examples of how to behave civilly to each other as well as examples of what had gone wrong when said examples were not followed, as a precaution, and then kept the book virtually unchanged ever since, while attempting with varying degrees of success to stick to the original plan/code.

Then maybe every time some smart ass blabs on about a particular passage taken from the Bible or Quran out of context or says what a hypocritical bunch followers of Religion A are because their Holy Book says ‘this’ but one of them  does ‘that’, said followers could do the same right back at them and see how they like it.

Times and fashions can, and probably should, change. Ethics and morals should only be changed with very good reason and considerable thought and discussion and consideration for the longer term consequences. The morality of keeping/owning slaves for example might be a ‘modern’ exception to a 2 millennium old moral code.

On that topic, I do not believe Christ (whom Christians are supposed to live as) would ever own a slave any more than His Father would. Christ did however have respect for the human law over the land at the time (So long as it did not countermand God’s authority) “…render therefore unto Caesar that which is Caesars…”.  (Matthew 22:16-21)

So, any atheists out there clever enough to write a book of moral code that all others of their ilk agree 100% with and would not change for the rest of this millennium? Doesn’t have to be done on your own or in uniform style, anyone can be co-author providing all accepted contributors are in agreement with the central over-arching proposition. Ideally there should be just one unifying factor/concept that holds the whole thing together. Feel welcome to include historical items of account from the past 1000 years or so to emphasise various points and if you can also tie in the unifying concept somehow to the creation of your universe’s reality throughout all of time and space all the better. 🙂



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