Well if AYYY were God…


I think Chesterton almost got it right… The Earth is not a work garden – it’s a playPEN… where you put the naughty kids till they learn to stick to the rules and play nicely with the all the grown-ups up in the playground.


If I were God – Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and all that is therein – the First thing i would do after creating intelligent beings in my own image (for companionship, or amusement, if you will) would be to take all such beings who believed in their heart of hearts that they could do a better job running their lives than I could, y’know – the ones who did not think they needed to follow ALL of MY ‘rules’ while living in the Paradise i created for them, take all of them and give them a planet of their own to run and see just how good a job they’d make of running things without my Help. Let them make their own rules.

This way i win either way – if they can’t do a better job than me then i keep Paradise for me and those who freely choose to stick by the Rules (there was only one rule to start with – don’t eat my damn apples!) and let the rule-breakers play all they want where they can’t do much harm to everyone else. If i’m wrong and they make a better paradise than mine then i Learn from the experience (my real goal in creating thinking beings) and improve Paradise to their new standard and do the same thing all over again.

How can I lose?

So far i don’t see any reason down here for God to change the Original Plan. Some of those in Paradise occasionally choose to drop in on the planet and give a few hints to see if anyone is willing to give up their belief that they are doing better than God ever could and prove it by following the original plan for a hundred years or so – But so far with remarkably little result. (based upon the increasing numbers of humans on the planet who choose to not follow God’s Rules ALL the time! I’d ‘a thought eventually someone would realise that the more people there are the more different opinions on what the right thing to do is and so the more disagreement there will be and hence more discord,leading to more sorrow and misery, war and fighting for the limited resources some enjoy much more than the disgruntled rest of the world… but no, Humans are just not that smart.)

One more Hint mankind…..

… to truly advance you need one, and ONLY one, leader. The One who knows BEST! and you need to ALWAYS do what He says. (Or at least not do what He tells you not to do).



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