A Perspective on the Power of Prayer (Purpose, Persistence and Patience) – The Three P’s times 2!

There are currently more than 7 billion individuals on this planet: all are similar and yet each is completely unique. The way we look, the way we think, how we are feeling at any instant, what our own moral code is – we differ one from another.

We each have a unique perspective on this life we all have to share and yet, somehow, in order for us and our society to prosper we need to get along and agree upon at least some of the ‘basics’.

One of the basics should be regarding Prayer – what we ask from, and how we connect to, God, for those who believe fully in Him.

Prayer works by replacing our position of being in a state of want – of needing something we don’t presently have – to a new position where we are better able to see our true predicament and the thing of which we have ‘need’ (be it for ourselves or for others). We do not need to tell God what it is we want as He already knows our needs far better than do we ourselves as He is able to see and understand much, much more about us than we ever can at a single point in time (ie. when we feel a need to pray)

By praying correctly we are able to begin the mental and emotional shift we need to see things differently by way of changing our current point of view (which is usually a general feeling of us lacking something that can/should be given to us) to a new point of view where we have confidence that God will do what is in our best interests and we can be free from the fear of being in a state of lacking/needing/not having that is restricting us from being the truly free and abundantly creative beings He designs us to be.

For Prayer to be effective i believe it should be Purposeful (having a particular positive intent/focus), Persistent (held in the mind and believed faithfully in that the prayer is already being answered in the positive – even if we do not yet see that it is actually being done) and above all we must be Patient in our prayer and have faith that God delivers in His time and not our own preferred schedule. (If we always got what we asked for the way we asked for it to be and in the time we wished we would often find ourselves in deeper trouble than had we not asked in the first place – we are if anything Imperfect and do not know ourselves what is in our ultimate best interests and that of all concerned all that well.



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