An Inconvenient Truth (or two even).



Two things you truly need to know:

  1. We ALL contain a perfect being within us!
  2. We ALL live in a world that is corruptible (has death and decay, truth and lies) and as a natural consequence of living with, or surrounded by, corruption we have ourselves built up corruption within or surrounding (containing/restraining) our true and perfect being.

As a result, even though most of us consciously know the ‘right’ thing to do, or know the difference between what is right and what is wrong, we allow this build up of corruption to bias us in certain ways that make us do things we (our inner, original perfect being), were we free of the corruptness,  would chose not to do.

This build up (or aggregation) of  corruptness has been forming with/around us since the very moment of our arrival into this less than perfect world and ensures that corruption (through us) continues on generation after generation. Some effort is put into trying to ‘make things better’ / to make ourself better but which largely fails because we don’t really see the true nature of our situations (i.e. a perfect being restricted by the dross and accumulated corruption we live with every day, both about our self and within our world).

This build up has been occurring constantly since we were born and is now a (major) part of who we are, but only because we passively accept it all, or do not know how to rid ourselves of it permanently (difficult because so much of what put it there in the first place is still always about or affecting us in a myriad of ways).

It is similar to someone living on a rubbish tip who no longer notices the vile smell surrounding him and actually clinging to him. When he leaves the tip he may be able to gradually become aware of the freshness about him and how badly he smells and may then wash himself to rid himself of the tip smell, but eventually goes back to his home on the tip and quickly reverts to accepting the smell that soon returns because of where/how he lives.

How can we permanently lose our corrupt ‘smell’ and become the perfect beings we started out as? Good Question.

Since it is impossible (currently) to permanently live outside of this corrupted world and since everything in it is affected by or contains the same corruption it would be foolish to try to use any method to ‘wash’ ourselves with that comes from, or is of, this world.

To become perfect (again) we need to live constantly within perfection. Since that does not exist anywhere on this world we need to imagine it and create it within ourselves  and create our own environment within which our perfection can grow and be retained, protected from any new corruption building up in/on us. We need some kind of shield behind which we can remove all imperfection from ourself and our immediate environment that feeds/protects us and allow only that which is perfect to be in our environment.

Fortunately, we don’t have to (although we may if we wish) do it all by ourselves. Others have sort of come up with the same idea as me but may have explained it somewhat differently. They invented a Perfect Being† that we could look to and copy the way they behave – a template, or perfect desired state of being. Some gave it the name God.

They also gave a few useful tips for you to use in your new and perfect environment that could guide you in the right direction (or help to  wash yourself of your imperfections if you will).

Tips like: Love that One which is truly Perfect above anything or anyone else you love in your life; love everyone else equally to the way you love yourself (that means you have to love yourself because your true self is originally perfect even though you may currently have a bit of a bad smell about you 😉 );  tips like, meditate night and day; empty yourself (of your imperfections), become again as a child (have much less certainty caused through previous imperfection) and be willing to learn again without pre-conceived biases. Like – DO to everyone else what you wish THEY would do to you (only do it first and not just because they did); putting that in another way… SHOW everyone (by doing it to them) how you wish to be treated yourself instead of just telling them with words!

That last one actually needs a bit more detail because so many people seem to stuff it up somehow. If you hold a particular opinion about something and you try to do something to someone based upon that opinion in the hope that they then do the same thing back to you, so giving you what you want/believe is right for you, what you are missing is the fact that not everyone you do the thing to may agree with your opinion or chose to do the thing you prefer. Also the fact that they then have every right to do to you what they would like done to them based upon their own different opinions.

Example?   I like Motorsport so i talk incessantly night and day to my friends about the latest motor event in the hope that they will do the same to me and talk about the event from their view. I become dissappointed when all they do is talk back to me day and night about about football or ballet or horse-racing or book club or politics or religion,etc. etc.

Another example? Say I’m a vegetarian, whenever my friends come over for dinner i cook them what i think is a deliciously healthy and good for them vegetarian repast and prattle on about the benefits of a vegan diet and how healthy it can be to adopt as a lifestyle. I get fewer and fewer friends turning up and whenever i go to their place i sense a less than eager desire to conform to my vegan preferences and I choke a little on the smell coming from the barbecue.

Get the picture? Do unto others as you would have done…. but remember for it to be fair and perfect (and not biased in your own favour) it has to work equally BOTH ways. So you may need to spend a little time thinking it through first.  There are many other tips found throughout the ages of mankind designed to help us all find our way off the rubbish tip and back to our original clean and pure perfect smell-free state, ideally while still in this life before we lose this chance.

Hopefully, the more enlightened humans who have done a lot of work to this aim themselves have left us ideas and examples to help us get there sooner that we might just be willing to try and get some help from.  I believe the help is there if you choose to look for it long enough and with as little inbuilt bias as possible.




†This Perfect Being had to be big enough to encompass every possible person and every circumstance they might find themselves in and also had to be able to control every situation and thing in the Universe that may affect someone’s life and would need to know in advance every possible outcome. This would make it indistinguishable from the sum totality of creation, equal to it even, and as impossible as it is for a human mind to fully grasp, some even went so far as to suggest that it was in fact greater than everything that ever was, is or will be and created all this outside of itself – that it exists outside of everything that we can ever know, see, touch, or think about. Yet contradictorily it can also exist within any or everything and ‘speak’ with something as small and completely insignificant to it as our own self is. I am not making any claim as to the validity either way of this, just pointing it out for consideration/explanation.





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