Relax! you don’t have to study for or sit this, and neither is it meant to be the kind which tries something for the first time to see if it works the way you want it to.


Those four words have just become my main mantra to help me along my path in this life.

Whenever something occurs, be it me dropping my slice of toast buttered-side down during breakfast or Donald Trump being voted in as the most powerful human on this earth i now have the power, using the mantra, to make sure i am able to stay relatively calm and see things without the massive pressure of an ego-driven response and observe my initial reactions to the said event so as to better be able to deal with them without anger, sadness, despair, annoyance, rage, or any one of fifty other emotions i’d usually be a slave to (sometimes a good one might slip in along with the bad).

Saying “this is a test” means that i can take my ego out of the picture and see all happenings i experience as an opportunity to learn something (hopefully positive). By treating the experience as something i can learn from and not some sort of punishment or negative thing designed purely to upset me or disregard my preferred outlook on the way things should be in life i become better equipped to deal with all the many frustrations and things ( actually both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ) that happen in this life.


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