Rest In Peace

A current meme uses this well known and often heard/repeated phrase which is normally used in the hope that, however stressful or unrestful or difficult a person’s life had been they may at last have an eternal, restful peace in death. The meme turns this thought on it’s head by asking why we seem to find it so difficult to actually LIVE in Peace?

Have you ever thought what it would take for the world, or for you in your own part of the world perhaps, to truly live in peace with ALL THINGS?

What would have to change to make that possible? The World? Just some aspects of it? The human race and all it’s annoyingly different aspects to one’s own self/culture/lifestyle? Or maybe even YOU?

Of all those the only one you are ever likely to have some success in achieving is most definitely the latter.

Of course for most of us like myself we believe ourselves to be able to see the problem and we know that it is not us causing all the war and crime and strife and famine and disaster and so we have no perceived need to change ourself when it’s all that other stuff that needs to be changed and is where the real problem lies. And that is clearly down to someone, or some many else’s and not ourself.

Except – it’s not!!

Because, clearly, if that applies to us then it equally applies to everyone else on the planet we share it with – each is entitled to have their own view on just how the world (including you) should change to better suit themself.

So the ‘problem’ (and the solution) lies solely with each single one of us.


I’m not saying that you (or me, or anyone else) is actually the problem but that the real problem is how we choose to see things – our perspective on life. Very few people it seems to me are actually aware of this as even being a possibility. They ‘know’ the way the world is, that it contains inherent problems many of which are beyond their ability to change and there’s just no other way of seeing it because we’ve grown up to learn the inconvenient and indisputable truth that life just sucks.

This is the only perspective (or place from which to stand and take a viewpoint) many many people ever know or feel they understand. It’s reality (for them). it’s what they have come to know and to a degree ‘accept’, while frequently grumbling about it and wishing it was otherwise.

Well, there is an easy way (with lots of practice) to really change all that.

It is simply to choose a different perspective (point of view) to see things from than the one you spend most of your awake time stuck in.

Bear this in mind… changing your actual living circumstances can be very difficult, especially if you are married or have a family and are working hard to pay for it all or are stuck on benefits, but it is not necessary ( just yet) for you to be able to see your world through someone else’s eyes – or at least from their perspective, from a ‘better’ perspective. Just learn to see what you see from a better place in your head than the one you presently have come up with to date.

They say travel broadens the mind… i believe this is because it takes you out from your warm familiar old environment and places you in a place where you are forced to see the way you behave ‘normally’ in a different way.

You don’t have to leave the room to change the way you think about or see things as being ‘the way it is’. The way things are are solely because of the way you choose to see them.

You may feel poor and trapped in your current lifestyle but to another seeing how you live they may believe you to be far richer and have much more freedom than do they ever could yet you are both considering exactly the same thing!

Try it – Change the way you see/think about your entire world.

Maybe even see the world as being a place where you can live in peace… even while so much of it is at war with itself.









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