Human Life in Proper Perspective.

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This is a pictorial representation of all life currently on earth (the extreme outside of curve) and all life that has ever lived (the rest inside). It is not necessarily to ‘scale’ in that the number of living beings in any one of the inner or outer twigs might not be equal; one twig might only have less than a few million individuals; one next to it or below it might have many billions or more.
Two important points to note… 1. how insignificant we are as a single species compared to everything else. (We are one twig on the extreme right) and 2. between 440 and 65 million years ago there were 5 known extinction events where large portions of all living species were wiped out in a comparatively short space of time and only a few ancestors survived to carry on all life. That’s an average of one every 75 million years. The last one was 65 million years ago which means the odds of another one happening between now and the year 10,002 016  are roughly 2.5 to one! (40%). By 10,002,016 it will be 50/50 and by 10, 002 017 and beyond the odds will be greater than one in two ( meaning we’ ll be overdue for a mass extinction).
Not real good as an outlook since the exact timing of the Next Big One can be out by several million years either way.
Of course Christians have been steadfastly preparing for the human extinction for almost 2000 years already with no luck so far.
Actually, I’ll make that 3 things… 3. We humans  (wayyyy over on the right of pic), as well as pretty much most of the outer right species, in fact comprise of, as a part of our physical bodies, billions and billions (perhaps as much as 85% of what we are), of varying types of those things wayyyy over on the extreme left! (Bacteria). Conservative, extreme right politicians please note!

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