How to lose your mind….

pong      pong-2


In the last 40 years we have gone from the video game in a box you put 20 cents in to play – Pong – to ultra-realistic, multi-player fully immersive 3d virtual reality games on the net you play at home or even outdoors on a pad/tablet/laptop.

Barring major catastrophe’s destroying civilisation, scientists will sooner or later be able to produce a gaming environment that is indistinguishable from ‘Reality’.

You literally won’t be able to distinguish between the Virtual reality and the ‘true’ version with your senses alone.

If that can become true, and those who are working on it all believe it can and soon-ish, who can truly say that it has not already happened somewhere other than planet Earth before? That we are all actually living in a reality generated by an advanced civilisation and we cannot tell the difference between what is ‘real’ now and whatever our true natural state may be – or if we ever even had one!

You and everyone, everything you love or hate, may just be a part of a very complex computer game simulation on a very large complex computer on a completely different planet.  (Ours would not exist in reality).


In fact, given that the only thing that will stop us from producing virtual reality that matches reality so closely we can’t actually tell them apart at some point in  our future, (and that any similarly advanced civilisations would be able to do the same) is something happening to us that prevents us from using technology (a world wide disaster/extinction event), then given the total number of likely civilisations who have already reached this stage it is extremely unlikely that our current reality is not a simulation of some other civilisation who have controlled our reality so that we believe we are the only living species in the Universe.

Either that or the human race is at best about to become another stone-age level civilisation – or extinct!

The Matrix may not actually be science fiction folks! 😉 we just may have not found the right ‘pill’ yet.


See what Elon Musk of Tesla Motors fame thinks on the topic.

Thanks to Calum Chace ( Pandora’s Brain blog) for the inspiration for this blog.

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