As a general rule humans tend to like the simple life. A life that has a high degree of predictability and security – one where things do not change all that much or too quickly or unexpectedly.

I believe this is largely the result of the mind-bogglingly large number of decisions we have to make during our lives from the everyday and mundane: “What shall I have for lunch?” “Do i take the fast road or the short cut?” to the rare and difficult: “Should i get a divorce?””Do I turn off the life-support machine keeping my son/daughter/parent alive?”

To get around the sometimes unnoticeably monumentous amount of decisions we have to make on a daily minute-by-minute basis our brains often go into ‘automatic’ mode making some decisions without conscious thought based upon often repeated and predictable (mostly) results of prior experiences.

We can also sometimes put our lives into a kind of ‘automatic’ mode. This is known as being in a Rut. (Or could also be described by the term: Habits)

Sometimes we need a shake-up, a change in our lives, a new challenge to overcome or situation to experience in order that we continue growing in life and not live a life solely of stagnation and decay.

By far the best shake-ups are those we plan for ourselves (assuming we thought it out well enough and we get close to the result we hoped for and nothing goes majorly wrong – yeah, like when has anything not ever gone as we planned it to??) – but not all shake-ups we experience in life are of that preferred kind.

Shake-ups will happen to you whether you want them to, plan them to, or don’t expect them to, so it’s probably a very good idea to plan a few shake-ups (tip: start with small ones! Just till you get the hang of it) to better enable you to cope and have strategies to deal with whatever the shake-up sends your way.

Just to get your brains working and get a feel for the idea i’d like to suggest something and let you consider it for a while and see what answer you come up with – it’s ok there are no right and wrong answers and you won’t be graded (or de-graded) on the basis of your answer. You don’t even have to tell anyone – even me. Just let yourself think and on this one a while and then get used to making your own shake-ups and see how well you can improve your responses when a big shake-up occurs without you being prepared for it.

So, consider this:

What would you do if you knew for a fact that you and every other living human being was going to cease to exist as of 24 of March 2026? At saaaayyy… 11 pm. Less than 10 years from now?

Would you change anything you are currently doing? The way you are living? The ones you are living with? Where you are living? Your Faith, or lack of one?

Would you continue as normal (assuming no-one else knew this until you choose to tell them?) until say the 22nd of March then go batshit crazy for 2 days? All bets are off?

Would you try to do as much good to others as you possibly can? Or do everything solely for your own benefit knowing there may be no ‘comebacks’ before  it just doesn’t matter anymore?

Just how would your life change if you and everyone has just another 10 years before oblivion and life ends as we ever knew it?



  1. Good thought provoking post—one that reaffirms that it’s time for me once again to brave another step outside of my comfort zone in hopes of avoiding stagnation, and to maintain growth.

    P.S. Your great comment on my blog has led me to a deeper study about particular false doctrines of Gnosticism such as the ‘docetic heresy’, which claims that Jesus did not become fully human but was more of a Theophany.



    • I’d like to thank you Sheldon, for the positive feedback and i’d like to give Him the credit for any help the post may have provided in your (and my) life. 🙂



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