It’s been way too long…

Since i have been ‘here’. Since i read my  own ‘creeds’ ( if you have not already done so i recommend you do so now and take a little time to consider the words fully).

love the greatest thing


Reading is one thing, Acting (or doing) quite another. Still, some of us need constant reminders when engaged in the seemingly never-ending battle with the ‘flesh’, or so I find.


So, i’m now even older, a tiny bit wiser, moving along in my Journey and have endured a period of ill-health, most recently ending with a ‘new’ kidney (I now have Three!! 2 of which don’t contribute much to my well-being).


Lately i’ve been doing some contemplating on God and my ‘relationship’ with Him and will probably have a post or two on the subject soonish.


Love to ALL out there, God’s, and mine (FWIW).


I welcome comments - share the love!

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