My fellow Aussie blogger David has decided to leave these golden shores (sniff) for the somewhat colder pleasures of the Emerald Isle. (you can read about it over at his blog if you follow the link and scroll down a post or seven).

He has occasionally posted blogs of TV ads so as an homage to my soon-to-be ex-pat blogger i give you…. Cupid.


  1. That was a very funny video.

    I saw cupid and immediately thought of the Connie Francis song, Stupid Cupid:

    At least with the Internet you friend David is only a mouse click away. Isn’t modern technology great. 🙂


  2. Ed – i was seriously considering titling this post: Cupid, stupid. 🙂 Connie was definitely a major musical talent, haven’t heard much from her lately though, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?

    i certainly do enjoy some aspects of modern technology, such as the internet and the ‘shrinking’ of our world, but other aspects…….??

    and i’d probably enjoy it more if humans were able to keep in mind it is a tool ( that is capable of being abused as much as used) and is not our god that causes us to worship it and follow after it in awe.

    WE should be in charge of IT – much as God should be the one who we see as being in charge of us ( although He does give us some dominions and freedom of will under His Authority). 🙂


  3. This has got to be the best Yellow Pages advert since Not Happy Jan (though the wasp nest thing – along the same lines as this one – was pretty funny too)

    And amen on the internet as a tool !

    You should post on that love (or, if you have already, point me to the archive…)

    Have no fear though, we will be back…and might even stop off in Perth on our way east. It’s been a looong time since we were that far west on this great continent of ours.


  4. J- i agree – put a big smile on my face when i saw it and i generally hate any advert! 🙂

    David – we think very much alike it seems! Not least about yellow pages ads. 🙂

    I have not posted directly on the internet as a tool but my blog-buddy EdfromCT ( see blogroll on right>>>) and i have been having a long-running discussion on this and the wider issue of science v religion and faith in human resolve versus faith in a supernatural entity as which may offer humanity the most ‘hope’. (comments on too many posts to list em all)

    You would be more than welcome to add your input either via comment at this or Ed’s blog or by posting your view on the topic and we’ll come over to your space 🙂 The next time Ed or i get onto the topic i’ll send you an invite! 🙂

    As for a visit to the Golden West – i’d be very happy to catch up should you and D be able to fit it into your itinerary. Room at the house is a bit tight but i’d be glad to give you the full tour of the city ( or as much of it as i’m familiar with) 🙂 it’s changing quite fast these days in many ways.



  5. love, I’m actually quite familiar with Ed’s blog since our paths cross so regularly. And I read it often, but I’ve rarely clicked through my reader to comment (I know, the shame)

    But since Ed’s been commenting on my space now, I’ll be doing the same.

    So if I happen to miss an internet tool discussion (:)), let me know!



    ‘wee’ guy from Brussells’ 🙂

    i can hear that in a Scots brogue. (Darn that Taggart!)

    i think you mean mannekin pis (little man peeing), and i ‘d have to agree. 🙂

    Cupid has wings and a bow and this clearly is not therefore him – i blame yellow pages 😉


  7. Hey Love

    Just popping by to say hello 🙂 Im a bit snowed under (though the sun is shining) with work and exams at the mo.

    I do have a question for ya though 🙂

    So many South Africans leave our Rainbow Nation for the green green grass of your Down Under.

    I have often wondered though (upon meeting many many many aussies while living in London): if Australia is so great (and it must be, you live there!:) Why do all the aussies leave to go to England/Ireland etc…? 😯

    Or is it really just a case of the grass is always greener…?



  8. Thank You Rain 🙂

    Glad to hear that like me you are managing to find some more sunshine now 🙂

    The grass is definitely greener in England than here in our wide sunburnt country, particularly in our respective summers.;-)

    i think though that some other reasons for the presence of Aussies in the UK, particularly London, include:

    many Aussies are actually expat ‘Poms’ (englishmen) and go there to visit relatives and see some of their ancestry.

    work experience – we speak basically the same language and the Brits pay significantly higher wages because of the higher value of the UK pound so a number of new graduates go there for the money and the experience for their CV.

    A number of school leavers go there for a ‘break’ and to use as a base to tour Europe for the culture and sights before returning back home to tie themselves down to a career and family.

    and lastly – if Aussies did not go to London (or New York, LA etc) there’d be no room for all the S Africans to live here 😀

    I’m pretty sure that with a few notable exceptions ( Rolf Harris and Rupert Murdoch eg) the vast majority of Aussies who do go OS long for the day when they can return home for good ( good surfing, good meals, good sports and good beaches/sunshine.)

    Good luck with your exams and i hope you may be able to take a holiday here sometime? 🙂


  9. Love, you forgot the fact that lots of us Aussies also marry people from our ancestral homes and therefore find their national love torn between two beautiful places…



  10. @Love – lol ‘there’s been a murrrduurrr’ love it.

    @Rain and the rest – I think there’s a bit of a swap going on. Us UK/Irish folks try to move there, gap year there for the sun, sea, surf and laidback lifestyle of the Aussieland.

    And when we can’t get jobs as doctors and nurses in the UK just after being trained….hello South Africa, Australia and New Zealand for a year or so!


  11. Good Point BK!

    Rain may have noticed a prevalence of Aussies in London because a number of the UK locals were over here getting sun-burned and eaten by sharks or bitten by snakes or just lost in the bush for ten days ( Only 2 of those actually happened recently).

    So there may have seemed to be a higher proportion of people with Aussie accents than may have been anticipated by a visitor to the country? 🙂


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