Footnote to ‘Im Disgusted’

The ‘ John Howardisation’ of Kevin Rudd progresses even further as he now uses the former Prime Minister’s term  of  ‘illegal immigrants’ to describe people seeking refuge in Australia before they have even reached the country’s shore and so had their proof of innocence or guilt ( legality or illegality) determined by our justice or immigration system – Nice one John,… errr Kev.

Maybe if Australia stops being a party to making so many people’s homes and lands a war zone we might not be getting the ‘floods’ of ‘ illegals’ most Australians are so very fearful of?

Then we would only have to deal with the millions of people who live in countrys subject to floding caused by global warming – which brings me back to the Coal Industry approved ‘targets’ Mr Rudd has set for future Pollution Reduction mentioned in the post.


  1. I guess Australian politicians are just like my American elected officials. They make promises to get elected, than forget them once in office. It is also true that, depending on the political system, A president, and prime minister, needs to make compromises to get legislation passed.

    In America the majority of the public does not seem support taking effective action on environmental issues. Just the half measures your Mr. Rudd is talking about, even less actually.

    We Americans love the technology that science gives us, but we have an overall anti-science bias. We don’t believe all the evidence that the scientific community says points to some very negative climate change in the future.

    There are many states, and cities, that are taking action to become more energy deficient, especially in California. The east and coast more liberal states are doing more, the politically more conservative states much less. The national government in Washington is talking a good game but doing little.

    Businesses are beginning to see the profits that can be made by “going green”. Many more individuals are making better choices in how they live, cars that get better mileage sell better.

    In America the tide is slowly turning in favour of becoming much more energy efficient. It think it will take major advance in technology, which are on the horizon, before our carbon footprint is significantly reduced. Probably too late to make much difference in the next 20-30 years, but there is hope beyond that.


  2. ED – watching my own country’s new leader and also in watching yours i am becoming convinced of one thing that our ‘democracy’s’, and i suspect most, if not all democracies have in common:

    Our political leaders are NOT the ones who run the country – they do not hold the true power but are conformed to and by it once they become elected.

    It does not matter which political party we pick or which party is in government, the country will only ever change in the way those who have the most power in the country are willing to let happen – or, through overwhelming united public opinion are forced to let happen.

    It is extremely rare for public opinion to be united in a sufficiently strong way to force such actions – this may happen once a decade or less in any given country and is often frequently less. Such changes are quickly compensated for by those who do hold the power (money) behind the puppet-front, elected ‘leadership’.

    When a party seeks to replace the current government it may make promises it has every intention of keeping, but should they be successful in attaining office they soon find that massive resources are brought to bear to ensure that only the promises the true power is willing to permit eventuate, while those the power-holders don’t want are deferred and delayed and repressed and talked about but not actually acted upon in any meaningful way.

    The situation concerning climate change in both our country’s and with health care in yours are two recent examples of this.

    Concerning Climate Change – America is the country that has produced the most CO2 pollution in our atmosphere over the last two centuries and is now the only major developed nation’s government that has not committed to and/or already begun to make serious efforts to meet agreed world standards for CO2 emission reduction under the United Nations Charter on Climate Change. There might be some uncoordinated action being taken by some companies and state governments but there is no federal plan that is in alignment with all other world governments who are taking action and have been since 1995 or so.

    The vast majority of the world’s experts on the subject believe that if serious action has not been made to reverse the situation by 2020 it will be too late to prevent and reverse major human-related climate change effects. To do so it will require action, not discussion, to be taken in an organised fashion by all country’s governments NOW, not in 20-30 years.

    The rest of the world has been discussing and working to this end since before 1990 – almost 20 years of investigation. research and discussion has now taken place and the fears of the scientific community of 2 decades ago are constantly being exceeded by current facts.

    Pretending this is not happening and thinking it is ok to do nothing significant for another couple of decades is only going to result in a far worse future for mankind than will eventuate if America had been a part of the world’s planning and discussion for the last 2 decades.

    I applaud Obama’s greater world vision and attempts to counter the disastrous policies of his predecessors, but you guys are so far behind it is actually frightening.

    Considering how in almost every other respect America has lead the rest of the world it is also very puzzling – unless you consider it is all about how much money your power brokers can collect while not accepting any responsibility for your country’s actions.


  3. I can only speak of America. I am 100% confident it’s the voting public that has the greatest influence on government actions. I can’t think of any important legislation that has been enacted with out the strong support of the public.

    An important thing to know about the American voting public is that we historically have had a deep distrust of the Federal Government. We will not vote for anyone who is perceived to be a radical . It takes a crisis before the public will support legislation, on the national level, that will result in some kind of radical change. The kind that is needed to significantly reduce the negative impact we are having on the climate.

    It should also be clear that we Americans don’t much care what the rest of the world thinks of us. I am not sure how much different that makes us from the people in other countries.

    Americans are not prepared to use less energy. Most are not prepared to change how they live. As more energy efficient, cost effective, technology is developed then we use it.

    When I look at the other governments of the world I see a lot of talk, and very little action. I have zero confidence that world governments will take the necessary action to significantly reduce the negative impact of man on the environment.

    The question isn’t whether future generation will suffer as a consequences of our current inaction, but how much they will suffer.

    The good news is that a lot of people, including many local governments, and some countries, are making changes that will mitigate, to some degree, the negative effects of human activity on the climate.

    We are starting to use technology that reduces our carbon foot print. Everyday I read about research work being done that will produce the technology we need.

    Technology, which is on the horizon, will provide the answer. How long it takes to develop will determine how much future generations will suffer.


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