Blog Action Day – Oct 15 2009

For those of you who may have missed the banner link on my blog, just a quick reminder about International Blog Action Day coming up Thursday Oct 15.

This year the theme is Climate Change and all are encouraged to put forward their (hopefully informed) opinion in a post and link with other bloggers about this highly charged topic.

So let your voice be heard and hopefully we will all be better off for it. In the long run.

You can find out more by clicking the banner link on the right of page. (Above the calendar and the map, both of which are also clickable).



  1. Cool…this should get interesting especially from our German friends and also the scientific community. Not sure if you heard but the panel of German Scientists for their government and Rutgers University found a direct link to sun flares or sun storms and the varying strange weather in the world. It is such a strong piece of research that Germany’s Government is backing out of Global Initiatives on Climate Change…still working with their green party but being ultra careful on what they do in terms of laws and climate change.
    If I can find the articles on it I will send them to you…really interesting. Originally posted in a Rutgers piece that a scientist friend showed me….
    I emailed a buddy of mine in Germany who said that there had been some articles there about it as well.
    Maybe I can get some pieces from him for a post…speak German?


  2. Thanks for the reminder.

    I just got an e-mail which says that once I register my blog, I will be joining some of the “most prominent and respected bloggers”. I assume they are referring to you Love. 🙂


  3. Joseph – Spracken ze Deutsche? – Nein!

    but i do read German graphs and tables quite well 😉
    Send me what you get! Danke schoen. Or you could post your findings on Oct 15?? 🙂

    Ed – hahaha – (straight face) yeeess – of course!


  4. i’ve heard of some of that, joseph. i suspected it all along. cuz i’m so smart. haha….jk

    that will be an interesting day to read blogs. hopefully people will stick to the logic, fact and science of it rather than the political side. not really into conservatives and liberals bashing each other over their opinions!


  5. Rain – i’m not there yet but i do believe i can understand them rather well.

    While being a scientist may indeed at certain times be useful (like when trying to decide what opinion to have on the CC topic) i also believe it can very frequently give you a headache!

    I am sure there are times scientists wish they weren’t! 😉

    J-R – sadly i’m very much afraid it will not be the scientists who decide what we all end up ‘doing’ concerning climate change ( which i can already see is likely to be ‘nothing’), but rather it will come down to what we make the politicians decide – and if we think it is all ‘too hard’ then they will decide for us and are most likely to go with whoever spends the most money on lobbying them and buying opinion – and who do you think that is going to be??


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