Blast From The Past.

Ever hear a snippet of a song and instantly you’re transported to a time long gone and memories of another time flash by in rapid succession and you are suddenly yearning for a part of your youth that has gone for good? ( And probably also for the better!)

I just did. My memories were of the Seventies and Denim and Disco and Slacks with huge flares.

And Trilby hats and white blouses apparently?

This song used to be one of my all-time favourites… all i can say is it was NOT due to the technical quality of the clip or demonstrated talent and ability to perform in a film clip by the Singers (Kit Hain and Julien Marshall).

I also find it more than passing strange that a clip of a song about dancing, running down alleyways and Fun should contain absolutely none of these things???

From 1978 – Dancing in the City.


  1. Your right Love, the video should have been called “Walking in the City”. The song had a nice beat to dance to, even if Kit Hain couldn’t. 🙂

    I did spend a lot of time in the NYC disco’s in the 1970’s. I don’t remember what I wore but I am sure it was whatever the disco uniform of the day was. Given the fact I was high on pot most of the time I am lucky I can remember anything from those days.

    One of my favorite clubs to go to to listen to some great music was CBGB’s, the Talking Heads and Blondie to name a few. A group from Atlanta, Ga, the B52’s developed something of a cult following. I think you had to be on drugs to think there were cool.


  2. Ed- Even i have heard of CBGB’s! Amazing that you got to see live many of the bands i was watching in my teens on TV.

    I admit, at the time they were famous, i thought drugs would have been the thing to make the B-52’s look cool , but now i kind of like their music. Rock lobster was definitely one of ‘those’ songs, but my favourite is ‘Love Shack’ – naturally 🙂

    Joseph – Great Aus rock band, INXS, but yet another in a long line of cases where too much Fame and the circus that follows it was found impossible to live with for Michael Hutchence. A sad loss of a man who had much to live for, but possibly felt he had done it ‘all’ already.


  3. I remember thinking Marshall Hain were a little bit rubbish in their video when I was a child, but I always like the song too.

    Not near as much as I liked Rock Lobster too. The appeal of that video to a 5 year old was exceptional.


  4. I love songs that take me back to a place in time. I was thinking the other day that our memories and music with that is one of God’s great gifts to us- where we can hear a song and relive that time (especially when they are good memories obviously)


  5. David – like most kids in the 70’s and 80’s i was a Countdown Fan and Sunday Nights were sacrosanct to me. Clips i used to love don’t seem quite as ‘lovable’ today – i wonder why? 😉

    Rain – Have you always grown up in SA? Did you have much local music to admire as a youngster? Did you get to hear much Aussie music? or like many countries were you ‘obliged’ to hear mostly US and UK music?


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