Jigsaw Pieces

I’ve ‘done’ my fair share of Jigsaws in my time.

At the start there is a jumbled mass of weird shapes that seem to make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But we ‘know’ intuitively, or from past experiences, or the words of others whom we trust, that this jumble can actually be ‘sorted’ and something beautiful may be revealed from within this mass of mess and seeming chaos.

Perhaps something resembling the picture on the outside of the box? 😉

And if we are so inclined we begin to ‘sort’ this jumble into something we can understand that makes ‘sense’ to us.

Some people will firstly sift through the chaos and detect that there are some things that some pieces have in ‘common’ – and ‘separate’ things which share a common ‘theme’. Some will select those pieces with a single ‘straight’ edge ( or two) thinking these pieces can form the ‘frame’ within which all other pieces have to fit.

Some may sort the pieces into similar colours (and name them ‘sky’, ‘grass’ or ‘sea’, etc.) And some will sort pieces into similar shapes, if there are significantly differing ones.

Some will look for an ‘obvious’ image from the picture and seek out the parts that likely make it up and put them together first, Some will make the frame first and some may do something else.

It does not matter what ‘order’ you chose – as long as the final outcome is obtained. – The ‘Finished Picture’.

There are times i feel like the thing i call ‘Life’ is a giant jigsaw puzzle and sometimes a couple of pieces come together in ways i never expected and make me think there are ‘connections to all things’ that i never saw until ‘today’. That unlike a ‘regular’ jigsaw, there are actually many ‘layers’ to the Jigsaw of Life and they interlink not only ‘sideways’ but up and own in 3 dimensions as well.

In ways that can truly boggle my tiny finite and limited mind.

One of the most persistent ways i ‘notice’ pieces is in the interconnection between some words (created from an ‘Alphabet’ – that ours has a deal in common with other languages from our past) and in our numbering system that seemingly has nothing to do with the Alphabet at first glance – or some inspection for that matter 🙂

I am often amazed at the way these two ‘jigsaws’ intersect.

Latest ‘example’: ( i was thinking a lot about Genesis and Adam and Eve and connected things)

Adam was the First man according to Genesis. The first man God ‘created’ from the earth. One Man, man Number One. (1)

Eve was actually made by God from Adam – from a part of Adam (Rib)-  God’s Second Creation of ‘man’, from the First man and thus was actually a ‘Second Generation’ of man, not an original Creation like Adam was ( made from the earth) but a creation from  the creature (creation) at the Hand of God.

So Eve was ‘Man’ Number Two, but created ‘fe-male’ ( from male?)

Adam is One Man (Odd number – Odd most frequently represents  ‘God’ (seen as Male) and ‘perfect’ 1, 3, 7, etc)

Eve is Two Man ( t’wo-man) ( an EVE-nnumber? – 2, 4, 6, 8, etc)

ADD Man (1) to Woman (2) and you will always get an ODD number (1+2= 3) – Man (odd) starts again.

If we are Single-minded (One having Superiority) we will either follow God – or follow our own mind/choices.

If we are Double (Eve-n, Equally superior to each other) minded we will be struggling between two opposing choices (Good/Evil) – God’s Will or our own

According to the Bible God has made man to have TWO ‘body’s’, one Physical and One Spiritual. If the Spiritual one is ‘Graced’ by the Holy Spirit (God) and brought back to ‘full’ life then we are to have it as our ‘Single’ (superior) mind at all times and so do God’s Will rather than rebel against His wishes.

If our Spiritual Body has not been ‘quickened’ by the Holy Spirit our body has been said to be ‘dead’ and it is believed it was this body that was Present and alive in Adam and in Eve that ‘died’ when they ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Some insist that because we are the descendants of Adam and Eve and not directly of God that we are also dead in Spirit – even though it is also believed we have a human ‘spirit’ (can any human create the spirit?) – unless and until the Holy Ghost is ‘received’ within us by reason of us making the conscious choice by our physical mind to ‘accept’ Christ as our personal Saviour.

At which point we are ‘given’ a New Body (while still having our old physical one that will still die the same as anyone else, only we will have been given the power to take it with us to heaven? or to the new earth? – it can get a little confusing when you try to nail it down sometimes.

So ‘pre-Christ’ we have a live physical body and a dead Spiritual one, but have our ‘own’ spirit. Then once we ‘accept’ Christ we have a NEW body, are made New? and then have a physical body and a living Spiritual Body (and our ‘own’ spirit still? or does that ‘die’ to us?)

But according to Paul in Galatians the Spirit and the Flesh are in opposition one to the other and we have to choose to walk in the Spirit than in the flesh. He seems to say this is possible while the flesh lives but that the flesh is crucified if we are Christ’s. (Gal Ch 5)

Piece by piece the various layers of this jigsaw come together.


  1. It’s past my bedtime here, but I wanted to do a little test by leaving a comment, to see if it links to a ‘new piece of the puzzle’ you’ve been requesting for a while =).

    If not, I’ll work on it more tomorrow. My brain is too tired right now to stare at a computer screen any longer ={.

    I may be back, unless it works, but be warned to prepare yourself for a LWBUT sized post.



  2. J-R – they did me too.

    if this was a singular example in my life i would normaly just ‘brush it off’ as a weird and perhaps ‘forced’ coincidence, but there have been such a number of cases where ‘pieces’ seem to link in similar fashion and they interlink with each other ( the male/odd/God thing i have noticed in several cases whereas i have associated ‘even’ numbers more with human activity; Eve signifying the female and even numbers had not struck me this noticably before however.

    it may be interesting to see if there are ‘similar’ connections from the original hebrew words and number systems? But i don’t know enough Hebrew to do or notice much in that regard.

    Galatians – Amen 🙂


  3. In my jigsaw puzzle of life it seems that everytime I think I have whole picture put together someone keeps adding new pieces. 🙂

    “Adam is One Man (Odd number – Odd most frequently represents ‘God’ (seen as Male) and ‘perfect’ 1, 3, 7, etc)”

    I doing some research I found that early Christians associated the number two with evil, the devil. If Eve was also represented by the number 2 I think I might leave that out of any religious discussion with today’s young women. 🙂

    “For the Christians, as for the Pythagoreans, goodness and maleness were associated with the odd numbers. One stands for perfection, unity, God. Two, as the first number to break away from that perfection, represents the Devil.”

    “The Bible, early Christian theologians believed, provided confirmation of the evil associated with two. For in the account of the Creation, did not God neglect on the second day to find that his work was good? And before the Flood, the unclean animals went into Noah’s ark two by two, whereas the clean animals went in by sevens.”

    I also read that in Islam there are no even numbers, take the one god, three or five daily prayers, circling the Ka’ba seven times.


  4. Thank you Ed – those are some very interesting pieces indeed!

    i had read the two by two and seven by seven verse before and thought it ‘strange’ but forgot the ‘association’ to the good/evil polarity of numbers.

    And since reading your post i notice that EVE is the central part of the word ‘seven’ which is symbolic of God’s perfection (Revelation expresses this quite a lot)

    s-even (one letter plus four letters making them total odd again. ‘Eve’ has three letters (but only two are different Adam has four letters but three are different?) Hmmm …pieces fit together but can be turned around in different ways in the big picture? Hmmm…

    As for The Second day God not finding it ‘Good’ being the only day of his six labours that he did not do so ( or more accurately was the only day the Bible does not DECLARE it was so (good) ).

    The Second day was when God made heaven – a firmament separating the waters above from those below!

    Does that then mean heaven is not a good thing? or that in heaven there is no distinction between what is ‘good’ or what is evil? For Division is what causes dissention. It is also what allows ‘free’ choice. (A or B, where A and B are mutually exclusive).


  5. Too many pieces of the puzzle and I get overwhelmed!! I do love a good jigsaw, but I find I work on one little piece of the whole ’til I get it done, starting with the framework.

    The frame being the essentials and then I can see how the pictures fit within the whole.

    I’m thankful that my understanding is not essential to my salvation. Faith. So the learning process continues and the jigsaw of life becomes more and more “seen”.

    I don’t really care for this whole evil-2-Eve concept. Hmph!

    Love you!! 😉


  6. Hmm Love, the puzzle can look a royal mess at times, at least there is Someone with a better view. But it is true and so interesting what you say that so many things are connected in ways could never imagine. I wish I could see the finished picture of it all.


  7. Hi Sis – hahaha – Sorry about the Eve connection.

    i think you probably feel about the same as i do that Original Sin is called ‘Adam’s Sin – EVEn though it was EVE who ate the Apple FIRST!!!

    So why is it not called Eve’s Sin, Huh? 😉 Huh?

    All Adam did was do what His Wife told him to?

    God gave Eve as a ‘helpmate’ for Adam – with help like that who needs a maid?? 🙂

    Ok – enough RIBbing for one day – now where did i put that apple?



  8. Rain – True – the Grand Puzzle-maker has the best overall view.

    We might never be able to see the ‘finished’ picture by reason of it’s size and complexity and that it has some components that we can never see only with our eyes.

    But maybe we get to glimpse our own ‘personal’ part of the whole puzzling mix? To do that i think it is likely necessary to take quite a few steps ‘back’ so as to see more than just where we focus our eyes at any single point in time.

    And also to look with something that is found very deep within who we are. 🙂

    One ‘piece’ at a time and slowly we will get ‘there’ – i have Faith.

    Knowing God can see ‘our’ puzzle picture from His perspective can help us put things together – particularly if we do our best to see it His Way.


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