Music is one of man’s finer inventions, i feel, having an almost umatched ability to reach inside each and every one of us and touch something deep within us in a meaningful way.

While looking up an artist for a comment i was making serendipity lead me to find something amazing that i had no idea existed – my all time favourite piece of music that i had only enjoyed as an instrumental before, being sung by the singer i admire most on the planet – Andrea Bocelli.

This version reached to the very core of my being and squeezed out an unbearably intense physical reaction throughout my being – as this music always can for me.

it is the closest thing i know to feeling the presence of Spirit touching my physical body

i hope it touches you in some way:


  1. Music speaks directly our emotional core. So much of becoming “civilized” is trying to learn to control our emotions. Music allows us to fully experience our emotional side.

    Listening to a voice as beautiful as Bocelli we close our eyes and see with our “heart” instead of our eyes.


  2. Rain – i see it touched you too 😀

    Ed – Being creatures that unconsciously ‘rely’ so very much on our visual senses to make ‘sense’ out of the ‘real world’ i think music offers us a much-longed for way to sense something in another way.

    As a Blind Singer Mr Bocelli seems to be able to express and understand this better than most. 🙂

    I think he does indeed see with his heart – and is able to pass that vision to others through his magnificent voice.


  3. About music, science, religion and everything else. Sounds like you would enjoy Michael Dowds book, “Thank God For Evolution”; or the “God Theory” by, Haisch.

    Haisch was researching quantuum particles. The old theory of particle movement assumed that circling electrons did so because they bounced off of each other. They isolated a single atom and watched and watched and watched.

    It continued unsubdued, meaning, some unseen energy was providing the momentum for the atom. And since atoms share an attraction holding them together, without this energy everything as we know it would vanish.

    As to music, bear with me. Haisch added that as light waves become longer they change in how we perceive them. Long waves are perceived as high frequency sound, longer waves lower, even longer we get to bass that we can feel but not really hear. The wave length continues to grow and slow until matter is formed.

    Calling light waves, is misleading, it is energy. Compressed it is matter. Anyways, music is the stuff of creation and it must touch old memories of our soul. And if the science is true they have proved that God did provide all with “let there be light.”


  4. Pelagian – Welcome to my blog. 🙂

    I think you may be right and Dowd and Haisch may be able to provide me with interesting perspectives from which to review and evaluate my own, as may you?

    In the Book of Ecclesiastes, Ch 1, the Preacher, son of King David says: “Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanitiy”.

    He was talking about the world he lived in – the human one of people and thought.

    As a person who loves Physics i might say: “Possibility, possibility, all is but possibility.” to describe my Universe.

    Until something is observed and ‘identified’ it cannot be truly said to exist, as far as our understanding allows it to; it is but a potentially estimable possibility.

    That ‘potential’ can ‘collapse’ into a ‘real’ physical reality of largely 100% probability once a thing has been observed by an observer (whom we assume to be as ‘real’ as the event/thing they/we observe; as real as we are or think we are.)

    What we mostly observe in our ‘real’ world is indeed energy, which Einstein famously said could be equated to and interchanged with, Matter in a very large/small ratio depending upon the ‘direction’ of the exchange – 1 : c squared.

    An early post of mine was discussing Werner Heisenberg’s uncertainty and the ‘wave’ form of matter as formulated by Louis de Broglie and which is a function of the Planck Constant – h.

    de Broglie basically says that all ‘moving’ matter has a fundamental underlying frequency of vibration dependent upon it’s momentum and anything that vibrates can be said to describe a unique wavelength and so ‘gives off’ waves in some medium or other (even a vacuum as in the electro-magnetic radiation of waves from various sources of matter, such as our Sun). The greater the momentum of the object however, the smaller is the wavelength and for most matter in our scale of the Universe this wavelength is all but immeasurably small – but it does ‘exist’.

    This brings another perspective to your light to matter through sound wave topic you mention.

    In your description, light waves ‘slow and grow longer’ to eventually ‘form’ matter, but all moving matter, from an electron to a galaxy, actually has very small wavelengths and high frequencies as an underlying ‘condition’ of their movement (relativistic velocity) and mass.

    So there is a contradiction betwen the ‘slowness’ of a lightwave that ‘forms’ matter and the waveform of matter that moves ( the former is very long wavelength, the latter is very small!)

    i love this stuff 🙂


  5. Good point, my intention wasn’t so much to explain matter or waves, as much as, point out the link between all things and especially music.


  6. Pelagian – Of course! 🙂

    While we mostly associate the term music with sound waves (i consider music to be a very special class of sound which does comprise a specific category of sound waves and the various harmonics, but which is superior in every respect to ‘noise'(sound alone)). have you heard the term ‘Music of the Spheres??

    You might be interested?


    i’m not saying Pythagoras got it exactly right – or that we have fully understood what Pythagoras actually ‘saw’ all that correctly…

    But i do find it curiously interesting all the same. 🙂


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