Time for a Change?

Once again i am indebited to my blog-friend EdfromCt for an eye-opeing source of information that i feel STRONGLY that all should be helping to spread awareness of.

So i am reprinting the youTube link here and recommend any who have not yet seen it do so NOW.. and then, if it concerns you as much as it does me, and Ed, that you post the link at your blog too so as many as possible ‘get the message’.

This is a ‘Sermon’ and ‘Preacher’ i would pay money to hear.

His message? We contribute to the evils we see in this world in ways we refuse to take notice of or remain totally unaware of. Change can only begin within each one of us – it is not ‘someone else’s job’!.


  1. Love, there are so many problems we do have the ability to fix, but we choose to close our eyes, and minds to. That is the great tragedy of modern life.

    I do a lot of reading but was shocked at some of the numbers Chris Jordan quoted, over 380,000 women, most 18-21, yearly choosing breast augmentation surgery, men having liposuction. We Americans may be the most vain society that has ever existed.

    I have to agree with Chris Jordan, we Americans are losing our sense of outrage at the everyday abuse of we are inflicting to our bodies, and to our planet. We are passing on this loss of feeling to our children. We are choosing to become blind to evil.


  2. J-R – spot on.

    Thank you for adding your thoughts 🙂

    Those numbers are of course largely a result of the massive numbers of Americans (one third of a billion), but as Ed says – it is also a matter of nor knowing and not caring enough to do anything about it – and something is long past time for being done.

    To let it go on as it is is no longer an option America – and the rest of the world – can afford.


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