Now That’s Just Silly!

He’s still got a Helluva way to go before he’s got the whole collection! (See Bottom line).

Anyone got Twitter Envy yet?

54,680 Following 707,014 Followers

5 thoughts on “Now That’s Just Silly!

  1. Stephen Fry has the best public speaking voice of any one I know.

    I paid actual cash money to download, from iTunes, his reading of “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy” (All five hours) and his new podcast series “The Dongle of Donald Trefusis”.

    I am sure you would love his podcast series, free on iTunes, on the English Language, “Call me for a quotation” “Cliches” and “HMS Metaphor”.

    I have also requested a copy of his book “Liar” from my Library.

    I am one of his 707,014 followers on Twitter.


  2. Rain – when the banality exceeds the informative or humerous.
    By a factor of about 10 to 1 – if i know human nature. in other words one would not be holding one’s breath! 😉

    Ed – Et Tu Brutus? Mr Fry does indeed have a melodious vocal capacity, considerable intelligence and a certain ‘charm’.

    There’s also something about him i find a little distasteful but i can’t define what exactly?

    i don’t subscribe to iTunes ( not being an Apple fan) and my pc has been programmed to make running any Apple software as difficult as possible – without actually doing anything illegal by Mr Gates and his well paid team of ‘experts’.

    i will look out for the podcasts series you mentioned however as i’m sure you are right about them.

    J-R – ‘status update’? you lost me – in non-twitter ( non-faceboook?) terms.that would be..??

    i think Mr Fry likes to show his sense of the absurd at times: Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear, etc.

    Being British he is able ( compelled by ancestry) to laugh at himself. 😉


  3. Stephen Fry speaks with a very British upper class accent. I am sure some find that irriating.

    He did a very funny podcast about how much he disliked dancing, hence his sarcasms at refering to himself as “Lord of the Dance.”


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