“i Wanna Make This Perfeckly Clear…!”

The Words of Richard Nixon i find strangely Appropriate now…

By the way – for any who may be in some doubt by reason of what i have posted and commented here recently let me make one thing Absolutely Clear.

I am not ‘anti-‘ anything (other than great injustices – minor injustices i tend to put up with unless they directly affect me or those i care most about) 🙂

i am not Anti-Communist, i am not racist or Anti- Chinese; -Japanese; -Sumatran or -Somalian or any other human segregation we have made. i Am Pro-Australian, because it is my country of choice, not Birth.

The thing i am most opposed to is the UNFAIR competition all Superpowers have in the world by reason of their superior strength, be it economic, civil or military.

That throughout History ALL ’empires’ have only succeeded in making temporary and minor gains for their populations while ensuring massive wealth and gains for their leaders – and all at the expense of gouging out an unfair share of another country’s (And in some cases most of the rest of the the world’s) economic wealth.

No Empire in History has ever increased it’s wealth and well-being of it’s population equitably and solely by means of it’s own contributions. All have made gains through the involuntary sacrifices of other Sovereignities, and distributed that wealth unfairly within it’s population (Just look at Saudi Arabia – or the fact that despite a massive increase in wealth for some 300 million Chinese, still over 75% of it’s population, a thousand million people, live in virtual agricultural poverty and it has some of the poorest paid labour forces in the world today – which is why their goods are so cheap to purchase – or used to be China is able more and more to demand it’s own price for what it alone now is able to produce for world consumption).

As the Chinese Empire is rapidly growing into the leading superpower on this planet we will all come to know how that actually feels, (being forced to accept things we don’t truly want but have to accept – losing your own ‘identity’, your culture and tradition, in the process), not just those of us who live in ‘lesser’ country’s. I don’t expect many – other than the percentage of Chinese who improve their relative wealth and status in the world – are going to be all that happy about it.

i believe any country’s leaders have the Right to do whatever their population’s are prepared to let them do – IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!! And that is as far as their ‘Rights’ extend – unless by mutually agreed (and non-forced, ‘negotiational’ co-operation.

i know that is and never has been the way the world actually works – but i like to think we may have reached the stage where we can actually agree it is a fairer way to run the planet.

China – please take note!

Love can Hopeth all things.


  1. My dream world is the one John Lennon wrote about in “Imagine”, where there are no countries, none of the barriers of race and religion, that we have put up to seperate us from our neighbors.

    If we can knock down those barriers we can learn how much are goals in life are the same. Communication between the people of the world is growing. We are learning more about each other. We can build the trust necessary to settle our disputes through negotiations, not violent conflict.

    We can learn that the most efficent, stable, socitey has a large middle class. Fewer rich and poor.

    This is very unlikely to happen for at least the next 100 years, it may be possible 1,000 years from now.

    I believe the human race will be around for at least the next several hundred thousand years. Over that time span anything is possible.

    I see two positive trends, Internation trade, and spreading capitialism, also more democracies, fewer dictatiorships, that will likely mean fewer people on the planet living in poverty, more people having greater control over their lives.

    The world will change, social and economic, systems will continue to evolve.

    The core of our disagreement may be that I believe the world is evolving into a better place to live in for more people, you believe it is getting worse.

    I believe our brains are evolving into a better, more efficient, model. A better brain will lead us to build the better world I dream of.

    Only time will prove which one of us is right.


  2. Apologies if I completely missed your point and went off on a rant. 🙂

    My guess is that the people of China may have more control over their lives now than the did under various Emperors of the past, or their last dictator Chiang Kai-shek.

    I also believe that while the power mad Stalin always dreamed of conquering the world, the Chinese never did. China’s navy and air force are built to defend it’s coastline. Russia sailed it’s submarines right up to the coast of America.

    If China does try to “dominate” the world it will suffer the same fate as Russia’s, and Hitlers. That kind of expansion takes up too many resources. The US budget deficit is in part a result of the 700+ billion we have thrown at Iraq, probably over 1 trillion if you included Afghanistan.

    The US has more soldiers overseas than any other country. I will guess more people in the world view the US as a threat, not China, perhaps rightfully so.

    Maybe China will learn from our (US) foreign policy mistakes.


  3. Ed – (second comment first) 🙂 No Worries Mate! i don’t feel you completely missed my point at all. I think you largely got my area of concern but i just wanted anyone reading (as well as yourself) to not get the ‘wrong’ idea either and MAYBE put ‘justifications’ for my words in the wrong place.

    My rants are not those of a racist Commie-phobe… my rants are those of a defender of freedom as much as is currently possible in this world. Just not the freedom super-economies have to dominate smaller ones. Or the freedom a small group of politicians have to determine the fate of the masses for their own political ends.

    As for China learning a few things.. i believe they have already and are putting them to (their) very good use. I am not sure any empire in history is as well -placed or as centrally controlled as China is to give it the best possible chance of leading – if not actually ruling the entire world.

    One thing a culture of some 5000 years is not is stupid – or impatient. China is not likely to do a Hitler and Germany of 1939 (although i don’t think Adolf actually initially had plans for world domination, just a ‘greater’ Germany, that the world then decided it had to oppose).

    For a very long time the rulers of China were content with dominating their own people (and with internal wars between various war-lords) China was essentially ‘the world’ to most Chinese.

    I see that has changed since the last century (and after British invasions such as the one that took Hong Kong before weakly handing it back over to China after a century or so in the 1990’s)

    i believe currently Chinese rulers are happy for China to be seen as a non-threatening world player in the market as they continue to build up their resources and foreign investment and trade.

    i don’t fall for the non-threatening part however.

    Power corrupts – and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I do not see any stopping China’s Power ( or moderating or weakening of the ruthlessness of it’s leaders who sentence white collar criminals to death – not for murder but for financial crimes) at present – and it is worrying to me. I believe it should be a worry to the rest of the world also.


  4. ED – re comment #1

    It’s a nice dream – and a nicer song, Imagine. One of my all time favourties. (back when i may have owned a pair of your rose-coloured glasses 😉 8)

    If i might ‘move’ the core of our ‘argument as i see it..?

    You see the world as geting ‘better’ – i see the world as getting ‘bigger’ with litlte to no qualitative improvement, just a quantitative one – we now have ‘more things’ ( including years to ‘live’ – both more good as well as more bad.

    But ‘less time’ – time or ability to think CLEARLY and se where we go wrong – or went wrong in the past.

    The same mistakes are being made over and over but on ever bigger scales as our population grows ever bigger and more of a menace to the planet we all have to share.

    Human brains are getting ‘smarter’ on average (hold more information, but not more compassionate, not more logical – i don’t see that they are actually evolving into something ‘better’ – sorry.

    Change is something that is necessary – but if it is to be ultimately for the better for human society it has to be far better thought out and planned for than we have ever managed to do in our long history.

    I don’t see many changes today that show me we have made much ‘progress in that regard – just change for changes sake – and the sake of a few greedy powerful individuals who want to change things for their own benefit, not all mankind’s.

    Any one of us would likely do the same in that position i fear.

    Power still corrupts – we have yet to see or understand where True Power really lies.

    Even Lucifer thought He could overpower God. (or so we are lead to believe)


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