Help a Brother Out?

I don’t often ask for help here at my blog – but i’d really appreciate some on this:

I’m thinking it would be a good idea for me to make a list of Priorities in/for my life, with the intent of having it handy for reference and being able to modify and update as my circumstances change. Ideally it will help me become more ‘focussed’ and directed on what i want to achieve with my time here on Earth.

i have never been really the kind of person who does things like this with any great success, but i hope this can be the ‘beginning’… but i’m a little stuck with where and how to start my Priorities list.


Care to tell me your ‘top 3 priorities’ for your life?

Or, if that is too ‘threatening’ how about the top 3 for ‘life’ in general?

Or, if you prefer, what you think the top 3 should be for mine? 🙂

All suggestions gratefully appreciated.



  1. Being retired, and single, I keep my priorities pretty simple. I have none of the daily stress of working, or raising a family.

    Priorities (in no special order)

    1. Take part in activities that enrich my life. Experiencing the sights, smells, and sounds of the natural world, at the beach and in the park. Spending time each day with friends, online or in the world outside my door. Spending some time each day with works of art, poetry and paintings. For some people the process of creating art enriches their lives.

    2. Make the world a better place. This could simply mean making friends, or volunteer work. Helping someone else in any way you can.

    3. Mental and Physical health. Mental health is related to the two priorities above. Dancing, singing, activities that make you laugh, like reading the comic strips every morning. Daily stretching to keep limber, gardening , and house work will accomplish this. I do 15 minutes of slow stretching exercise when I get out of bed.

    Some kind of active that gets you heart pumping. We also need to know our bodies limits, especially as we get older.

    The more you laugh, love, feel joyful the better your life will be. The more you spread love, laughter and joy, the better you are making the world.

    For someone raising children they become your highest priority. Helping your children to grow up to be productive members of society may be the most important thing a parent can do to make the world a better place.

    For someone of religious faith, taking part in actives (mediation, praying, reading their holy book) that strengthen their faith may be the most important part of maintaining good mental health.

    From reading you blog Love, I see you are someone on a quest for developing the perfect understand, connection, to your God, at least as well as any human can. I don’t have any good suggestions, other than what I wrote above, on how to do that.


  2. 1) Love people…find a way to even love those who are the most difficult to love in your life
    2) Give hope to others. Be that person who does the one little thing that provides some glimmer of hope to change their lives.
    3) Bring Faith. Take you love of God and let others know about it. You have an amazing view on faith and a passion about your journey…share it.


  3. Those are exactly the kind of thing i needed – thanks Guys.:-)

    Both of you have proven the truth of my blogname. Love is the unifying key.

    Ed – you have great suggestions for just about anything Sir IMHO 😉

    Joseph – Thank you for being the person who provided me a glimmer! 🙂


  4. Why did Christ come? Don’t jump on that too quick – read Matthew 20:20-28 and Mark 10:35-45 before you answer. The people in the story had a problem with priorities so Christ straightened them out.

    List of my three I try to work on.
    1) Serve Christ – follow Him.
    2) Serve others – my family and those who cross my path.
    3) Make sure I am the best I can be – work on self.

    Ed, hits my #3 hard – I need to be at my best so I can do my first two at my best.


  5. We’re all on the same wavelength here.

    1. Love God
    2. Love people
    3. Love life.

    Which is pretty much exactly the same, just different words.

    So, as you already know love…stick to love 🙂


  6. Papa – Christ knew a thing or two about the human ego – and pride – and the importance of humility and submission to His Father’s Will ( and the Great Commandments He set for mankind). Service to others is indeed a goal and priority worth setting for ourselves.

    As you rightly say – if we don’t do #3 we don’t do the best we can at 1 or 2 either.

    David – hopefully our mutual agreement is evidence we are all on the True Path – and not all being deceived! 🙂

    As long as we love Him ‘more’ and our human self ‘less’ i think we are heading in the right direction. 🙂


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