Love – will bring ALL things together…

( and i mean ALL things…)

Most will fully know and understand that God IS LOVE (those who don’t are most assuredly NOT of or in Him).

27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:
29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

1 Cor 1:27-29

God has chosen ALL those things which are here and are of the Earth (His Creation);

For His Own reasons;

To bring them ‘together’;

So that He, and not we, are to be Glorified in any ‘thing’ that is of the flesh – of mortal, human, fallible man – that we, in our ‘wisdom’, might be confounded.

We are a necessary, but inglorious, part of it all.

All will (ultimately) be brought together in His Glory.

So do we try to remove any part of what He is responsible for creating on this planet?

Do we, in our pride and hubris, believe that mankind has created ANYTHING here that is against His Mighty Will? That He does not allow and use for His Purposes?

Is our God not Omnipotent? not Omniscient? Not ever-present?  – but a weak god who cannot prevent what is against His Will from ever taking place?

Or do we trust in Him and do nothing but which works on our own spirit so that it passes through the fire with as little blemish and disruption as we are able to ensure?

i know what i think.

i wonder how many can see it the way i do?


  1. J-R – not your fault i suspect 🙂 i was being a little ‘obtuse’.

    i was attempting to give a ‘different’ perspective on what Christians might be here to do.

    i don’t believe it is our job to ‘second guess’ God and try to eliminate evil from the world.

    God has not destroyed Satan and has allowed him power over the world and everything in it ( including you and me) for HIS REASONS!

    i believe what we ARE here for is to work on ourselves and learn how to show His love in spite of and through all the evil and negative things that exist.

    That we ‘be’ the change we wish to see in the world.

    It is not so much about changing what is ‘out there’ as changing what is ‘in here’.

    Anyone can see the evil that exists outside of us and work hard against it to bring about ‘change’, but if we do so at the cost of missing what is going on inside of us to prevent us from ever receiving the kingdom of heaven we will fail Him.

    Casting out someone else’s ‘devil’ from them is not as important as casting out our own – and keeping the ‘temple’ holy so that they do not return seven-fold.


  2. I would only point to David and Bathsheba. God could have stopped the murderous/adulterous relationship, but in His good knowledge He allowed it to occur. Not only that, but He brought forth from that union Solomon who would ultimately be the builder of the temple and be in the lineage of Christ.

    Interesting thoughts here.


  3. Tony – i’m very glad you seem to have ‘got it’.

    By going ‘over the top’ to try and eliminate a certain thing we don’t personally endorse in society are we truly doing what God is asking of us?

    Or should our focus be on seeing what we do not want to be like (made easier when we can see it in our own society) and making sure we never give in to those ‘temptations’ personally through the building up of our Spirit and ability to follow the Father’s Will.?

    Helping those who suffer (the widowed and fatherless – those who are ‘without God) find Him and a way out of their suffering?

    Jesus was never an ‘activist’ who tried to destroy a thing or organise protest against human fallibilities and ‘evil’ organisations or societal behaviours.- He turned his back on Satan but did not destroy him; made certain He followed His Father in all things and not the ways of man or of evil..

    Is He our role model or not?


  4. He is our role model. He is the one who is strong enough to help us through…

    And yet, the struggle between the flesh and the Spirit remains.

    When we fail to live as we should, He still holds on to us. He still calls us back to Himself. He still loves us.

    He forgives. He restores. He renews.

    I’m trusting in Him and asking for His strength to walk worthy.

    Am I at all on topic?


  5. Hi Sis 🙂

    your last comment made me laugh 🙂

    and in accordance with the title you are perfectly ‘on topic’ 😉

    the aim i had in writing though was to hopefullly give some people the idea that, while in heaven there may be a distinct abscence of the things we here consider ‘evil’ that we so freely attack on a ‘societal’ level, but that here on earth those things of man that display our individual ‘worse’ natures’ have been allowed by Him to exist and there just may be a reason for that. (a reason of His, not ours or any evil spirit or of Satan).

    i am NOT saying we should therefore ‘join’ in with such things, but that we may in fact not be following His Will if we put more effort into changing our ‘society’ than in changing our own self.

    it’s a kind of ‘speck/mote and beam in the eye’ thing as well as a doing His Will not our own ‘argument.’


  6. God as Grand Unification Theory. Interesting. How does that help you? If God is everything then nothing that you do goes against his plan, indeed it cannot. You could burn down the local high school or dedicate your life to charity and it would still be in accordance with the divine plan.

    By way of example I particularly like the last supper story where Jesus explains how one of those present will betray him. Sure enough one of them does just that but isn’t the resultant torture and execution supposedly necessary. Don’t you believe in the power of the sacrifice offered willingly by Jesus? That sacrifice would not have been possible without the traitor, Judas. Shouldn’t he be rewarded for the part he played rather than suffering either suicide or exploding bowels as a punishment?

    if you say that everything is part of the holy plan then you cannot judge others. Ever. You cannot say that anyone is wrong in how they act or what they believe because they aren’t ever wrong. The vilest killers are as important as the most vaunted saints.

    Moreover you strip away the moral certitude of Christianity. Everything becomes not only acceptable but necessary. You lose the power of Christianity as a moral system. Good and evil become meaningless labels that no longer apply to anything


  7. If God is everything then nothing that you do goes against his plan, indeed it cannot.

    Hov – your logic is appalling Sir, i expected better of a man of ‘reason’.

    GOD is ( and uses) everything – i clearly, am NOT!

    Therefore God can have part of His plan in which i am to do ‘something’ and if i through God-Given free-will chose not to do it i am going against His Plan as it pertains to the finite creature that i am. (as are you).

    You MIght be doing what God wills FOR YOU – but i suspect that is not the case – maybe i’m wrong, time will tell 😉

    Burning down the high school and donating my life to charity is following th e same Plan? How can you say that with a straight face Sir??

    God may have a reason for causing a high school to be burned downby an individual so that some ‘greater’ good may come of it in some not easily foreseeable form, but i have NO doubt that God’s Plan includes both reward and punishment – good and evil if you will. The Bible makes this very clear and whose ‘side we should be on if we seek eternal life over this one.

    As for Jesus’ sacrifice not being possible without Judas – a laughable suggestion. Jesus knew what His fate was to be in advance ( and the Glory that awaited Him as His Eternal versus earthly reward.

    He happily would have surrendered Himself without the need for Judas had it not been a part of God’s Plan and Higher Will that the punishment that awaits those who denounce Jesus be fully recognised and understood by all those who bear witness of it.

    Judgemnt should not be left up to any one of us – i agree – but as for the vilest of sinners and the holiest of saints – both do not have the ‘same’ part to play in His Plan, they have THEIR parts and will be ‘rewarded’ according to their choices they freely make.

    The rewards are not up to me or anyone to give out but God who is and uses all to His Purpose.

    Everything IS necessary – it is only you and your laughable logic that has destroyed Christianity for you and others like you. While good AND Bad are necessary they lead to two distinctly differring results. Good and Evil are anything but meaningLESS they are necessary to give us a free choice and not be automated robots folowing a soulless ‘program’.

    We are responsible for the choices we make in this life Hov – make NO mistake about it.


  8. I don’t believe, or should I say I cannot believe that God would desire any evil. Evil is a byproduct of free choice. God takes the evil and uses it for His glory. Because He is God and because He loves us. But certainly nothing that happens on earth surprises God or frustrates or thwarts His plans. He is above it all.


  9. Sis – always a pleasure if i make myself correctly understood 🙂

    Rain – you said it perfectly in the last sentence – God is ABOVE it all. (and also ‘above’ ALL).

    God is ‘beyond’ distinguishing between Good and Evil – to Him all things are of and under Him. It is MAN who has the problem of the distinction and dichotomy to choose between what HE sees as either ‘Good or Evil’

    (A) Man, being small and finite, takes a ‘position’ along the spectrum of all things and determines one ‘direction’ to be ‘Good’ and one ‘direction’ to be ‘Bad/Evil’. He then has to CHOOSE which to seek after and look towards/move towards (or sit on the fence and ‘do’ neither) if he is to make any ‘progress’ in his small and short, finite life.

    All of us are at different ‘points’ along the good/bad spectrum and it is that which allows us to consider some humans ‘good or some ‘bad’ – but often these are simply our perceptions based upon where we think we are on the spectrum of ONE kind of thing (or perhaps of several things) while there are many many such spectra that all ‘come together’ to make a ‘single’ ‘white’ ( muticoloured) ‘Light’ spectrum. ( the same individual may appear to us to be over on the ‘good’ side for one behaviour and the ‘bad’ side for others.)

    God, on the other hand IS the ENTIRE Spectrum that mortal man has to ‘view’ and choose between. Good, Bad, Neutral and completely beyond and above them.

    This is a very difficult concept to grasp properly by us merely mortal beings and it is only through our eternal soul that we may gain some kind of proper understanding of it – and through trusting God and taking Him at His Word and the Words of Scripture.

    Evil is NOT the ‘byproduct’ of free-choice – it is what ALLOWS us to make a truly free choice – if there was no (perception of) evil on the earth our choice (our Will) would not be truly ‘free’ (there being nothing to ‘choose’ between) God cannot ‘choose’ between anything that is and is not Him since He is, and is above, ALL.! All that is, and is not.

    Get it? 🙂



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