So – what do YOU think??

i have never been, am not now, nor will i ever become – pregnant!

So i don’t have the right to say that IMHO the decisions any person who becomes pregnant make are ‘wrong’, or are ‘right’ for that matter, as i can never ‘be there’ myself.

That does not stop me from having thoughts and opinions, however.

Just for once i think i’ll leave it to you the reader to make up your own mind’s on this one:



  1. Oh goodness. Um. No, I really can’t. We all know the various lines that are used here.

    It’s the heart behind the decision. This seems so flippant, and careless, and that’s what breaks my heart.

    Having said that, this may be what’s best for that child if this is the mother, but is it best for the mother?

    Lord have mercy. Seriously.


  2. Flippant was exactly the word that came to my mind.

    I couldn’t finsh reading the article, I don’t know if it had a good ending.

    I used to be fighter. I used to rant and fight for my causes. I’m not a fighter anymore. But this breaks my heart into a million pieces.


  3. David – i know it SOUNDS or seems ‘flippant’ but the article seems to show that some serious thought was put into the decisions – and yet this was the ‘outcome’ of it all?

    And as a result the idea will only grow in ‘acceptance’ amongst human beings.

    i can see where you were going but i don’t believe death is ever a ‘best result’ for anyone – most especially when they get NO say in the matter. Is it ‘best’ for the mother? (Ultimately or immediately?) it seems fairly certain she thinks it is in the immediate time frame and i suspect she may die believing that to be the case also – sigh.

    He is Merciful, but He ensures we all face up to the consequences of our decisions and acts one day.

    Some extremists try to pre-empt His Authority and decide when and what that shall be like ahead of His time – unfortunately – although i see the motivation for them doing so quite clearly.


  4. Rain – i’m Sorry, friend! (for the heartbreak)

    a good ending? given the beginning you can probably guess and be reasonably assured you were right 😉

    The article’s conclusion was concerned far more with the role, if any, of the man concerned in the decision making process a woman makes concerning a non-rape abortion, and the collective opinion of other women not directly involved in the individual decision.

    i can only wonder as to the article’s final statement…

    ‘… dealing with the issue of abortion means dealing with a world’s worth of expectations, conflicts and limitations. It means accepting a frustratingly imperfect role in a frustratingly imperfect discussion.

    Perhaps most importantly, it means allowing space for rightful, understandable (and possibly even productive) anger to take place.’ ❓

    interesting video!

    As i see it – in the vast majority of cases THE ‘decision’ concerning abortion takes place BEFORE, and not after, one ‘finds out’ they are pregnant.

    Science knows what causes it these days, so i hear. 🙂

    There is no such thing as an ‘accidental’ pregnancy, merely an unexpected and umplanned one.

    If you Don’t want to get pregnant there is only ONE guaranteed 100% effective measure.

    if you are not prepared to go that far, expect to have a chance of having a baby grow inside you – THAT, and not your pleasure, is what sex is actually for after all. The pleasure is simply both a by-product and a means of ensuring we reproduce our species. People generally forget, ignore or never understand that.

    if you play russian roulette where the odds are greatly stacked in your favour, don’t act all suprised and indignant when the one in a million shot turns up in the first ten or so times you try it and it kills you before you were ‘expecting’.

    Human life is not a game you take ‘chances’ on.


  5. This article was disturbing….I am not even sure how to process something like it.

    I kept thinking about all of our friends who are trying to adopt and are having a brutal time doing so and here is a child that will not make it to this world….

    Still processing


  6. I am opposed to abortion, except when faced with the impossible choice between the life of the mother, and the life of the child.

    Having a party to raise money for an abortion shows no respect for the life that is inside you. There are other ways to raise money, working, asking for help, but a party would seem to be celebrating the ending of a life.

    In Japan there is a ceremony called Mizuko kuyo, , which is at least respectful. “Reasons for the performance of these rites can include parental grief, desire to comfort the soul of the fetus, or even fear of retribution from the vengeful spirit.”

    The question of how much say the father should have about whether to abort a child is one I don’t have a good answer to. I would say that where abortion is legal, then if the father is willing to raise the child, and the mother is not, the father should have the legal right to force the mother to give birth.


  7. Joseph – yep – it disturbed me somewhat too. i am VERY thankful i have never had to make such ‘choice’ but i cannot imagine i would ever follow that choice with an Abortion ‘party’? ( or fund-raiser).

    ED – the Japanese are generally far more in tune with their spiritual natures as living beings than most western societies.
    While in some aspects the Japanese are world leaders in technologic advances they have a strong tie culturally to their history and ancestry, revering ancient tradition as an essential part of their understanding and culture.

    it is a great pity we supposedly ‘advanced’ societies are not more like them in that regard, in my opinion 😉



  8. this article was both well-written and gut-wrenchingly stale. i use that word because in my mind it reflects the many selfishly pro-active movements in our generation. it’s funny to me how the article seemed more about feminism and sexism in the end than about the hard, cold fact that they were literally partying over the death of a child who will never be.

    i am completely 100% against abortion. for any reason. i have many reasons why, and i will tell you that my faith is not the #1 deciding factor here. i was against it before i found the Lord, and perhaps even more strongly against it now.

    i think that article really shows how truly selfish we can be as a people. in our own opinions, in our beliefs, and most importantly in our actions.

    i know that you probably will disagree with me, and that’s okay. but i thought i’d throw my thoughts out here anyway.

    “how much say should a man have in abortion?”. as much say as a woman, in my opinion. as much say as anyone else considering ending the life of any other life-form. NONE.


  9. You under-estimate me Homey 😉

    i could not agree more with your 3rd para in particular 🙂

    and your thoughts ‘in general’.

    you really should share your thoughts more Hun – they are worth listening to/reading.

    at least i think so anyway 🙂


  10. Love, it is a very difficult topic for me because my heart breaks for all involved, but also angers at the decisions of some people yet I dare not judge because if I found myself in the same position… it would be only by God’s grace that I would make the right decision. But practically there are so many options. There are so many people that would love to have children but cannot.


  11. Rain – as you say – there are many ‘options’, choices that can be made concerning the situation of pregnancy available today.

    It is interesting that those in favour of abortion use the term ‘Pro Choice’ to combat the opposition who are termed ‘Pro-life’

    Chioce is exactly what this is all about. Choice is the Factor God uses to ‘sift the wheat from the chaff’. The determining factor that will ultimately result in either an eternal life with Him – or something unnamable.

    It has to be a free choice – or the combination of many such choices throughout our lives.

    We can choose Life – the kind of life we want. We are to realise what choices are available to us and the consequences so as to make the right ones.

    God allows us the right to choose what actions and what consequences we will receive as a result.

    I think if God ever provided incontrovertible ‘proof’ that He exists then there could be no ‘free’ choice to follow/believe in Him or not.

    If we choose to believe He does – He does, to those who don’t so choose He does not.

    Each will ensure their own consequence to which we should be reconciled.


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